You are never alone. The “Doubts” come, “Where is God?” or “I don’t sense His presence,” with the insinuation therefore He is not here, He has left you. And with those poisonous “doubts” from the evil one you can spiral down into stressful emotional turmoil, anxiety leading to despair, chasing a “feeling” rather than resting in His love and truth for you. It is not what you “feel” but what He says that determines things. What is it He says about His presence with you? Consider these three words to remind, inspire you to trust, rest in Him and celebrate Him who is true!

Always- Wherever- Never…

“I Am With You ALWAYS to the very end of the age…I Am with you WHEREVER you Go...NEVER will I leave you; NEVER will I forsake you.”- {Matthew 28:20; Joshua 1:9; Heb 13:5}.

How Long is He with you? ALWAYS…No matter where you go, He is with you WHEREVER you are. What if You don’t “feel” He is with you? What does His Word say? “NEVER…. NEVER…” will He abandon you. There is nothing that can make Him abandon or give up on you. NEVER! And these truths are evident and to be embraced as a means of comfort, in…

  • SHARING – In Matthew 28 JESUS gave His assurance to those whom He was sending forth in Sharing The Gospel. Whatever they or you will face in going forth sharing the Gospel, He assures you He is right there with you!
  • SERVICE – In Joshua 1 He Gives His assurance to Joshua who is heading into conflict to serve Him, entering an unknown future to him, but not the LORD. Remember; You are stepping into an unknown future with Him who holds and has provided for your eternal future.
  • SUFFERING – In Hebrews 13 He gives His assurance to the spiritually insecure and suffering ones. How kind. The suffering ones need assurance and He gives it to them, and they have His Word on it, that they may know He is present. He has not left them. In the original language there are five negatives to make one great assurance that He never ever will leave or abandon them. No Chance!
  • SURETY – Remember, it’s never a question of who is not with you but WHO is with you, presently, permanently, He never leaves you to travel life’s journey on your own – ever! He has promised!

Whether sharing, serving, suffering, you have His surety– His promise, He is with you in all and any occasion or place you find yourself in! Three good words to carry into your day and night, to comfort yourself and others and celebrate Him who is EVER PRESENT!… ALWAYS… WHEREVER… NEVER…You Are Never On Your Own…Never Alone…He is Here With You. That’s His Promise to you…He Cannot Lie! We walk by faith in His faithfulness not by what we feel or don’t. Truth our foundation! Always come back to what does He say in His Word. End with Him and what He says! Pick one of the three verses mentioned and commit to memory to combat the lie when “doubts” about His presence come to you. Also, in order to help others who may be going through the same “doubt.” You can be God’s  provision in helping others walk in truth and not succumb to “doubts.”

We walk by faith not by sight or feeling!