“In my desperation I Prayed, and the LORD listened: He saved me from all my troubles.” – Psalm 34:6 {NLT}

David is testifying to the LORD Delivering him from “all fears” {v4} and “out of all his troubles” {v6}, which he found himself in. As you look to encourage OTHERS, you will find the enemy uses “fear” and indeed “troubles” whether by others doing or our own or a combination of both, are not too much for God to deliver you and me from. What is so encouraging in this passage is, David had chosen the way of fear rather than faith and had ended up in this place, yet the LORD demonstrates His lovingkindness and power in delivering OUT From “all” his fears {v4} and “all” his troubles. {v6}. He did not keep him from trouble but delivered him “out from all his troubles.” Take Hope in Him! But look again at the phrase,”…and the LORD listened.”- Often we are lied to that our prayers don’t matter, God is not listening, but He is! If someone asks has anything happened, you can confidently say based on His Word,”I had an Audience with the LORD, and He Listened to me!”

Take heart…hide His Word in your heart to encourage and build up your faith in Him and to be able to REACH out to others…. with a “good” word in season, with this wonderful verse and allow the LORD to encourage you and through you to others…

Write the verse on a 3 by 5 card, and carry it with you and when you have opportunity read it, meditate upon it, pray it for others as well as yourself. Use in your praise to Him.Share it.

Perhaps place on your bathroom mirror or by your bed so you can see it and be reminded to read and with regular reading you will become familiar with it and the God who spoke it.