” For we are His workmanship {Masterpiece},”-

“Workmanship,” – {poiema}  Our English word “Poem” comes from this word. The word means something that is composed or constructed, a design produced by an artist. It could be  a statue, song, architecture, poem or a painting. It conveys the idea of something artfully created. The word is used in Psalm 143;5 of God’s work in creation!  God made Himself evident through His creation, the sun, moon, stars, the earth, mountains, lush green valleys, the birds that fly in the expanse of the heavens, the streams that weave through the countryside, bouncing over pebbles and around rocks making a wonderful sound as they dance and splash along on it’s journey! All these declare God the Creative genius, The supreme Artist to us! The Heavens declare His glory. They “declare,” ‘shout’-‘Glory, glory, glory’ and the sky displays His handiwork. -{Read Psalm 19:1}. And as wonderful as His creation is… YOU are His “MASTERPIECE!”  All that we are and have that is spiritual in our new relationship to Him we owe to His creative, gracious work!

“There’s an important contrast between the English and Greek texts. In the English, this statement begins with “we,” but in the Greek it—in fact, the whole verse—begins with “Him.” Literally the verse reads: “For of Him we are a product.” The world says that each of us is a product of our environment or a product of our own experience. Even Christians have a tendency to think that way. But God’s Word declares that the believer is actually “THE PRODUCT OF ….GOD.” -{JD Watson}.

And when God saved you, He marvelously took you and did something wonderfully in making you a”new creation,” His “Masterpiece, His Art.” In Ephesians 2;10 it speaks of God using His  full creative abilities to achieve something and in your case, His workmanship, His Art, His Masterpiece.

” The word translated “workmanship,”poiēma, indicates that we are His poem, His masterpiece. Each of our lives is the canvas on which the Master is producing a work of art that will fill the everlasting ages with His praise. A great dispositional change marks genuine conversion, so that a person who is still dead in trespasses and sins is in contrast to the believer who has been quickened together with Christ. If we profess to be Christians but our lives exhibit no evidence of behavioral change, we are self-deceived. “-{John Philipps. – Exploring Ephesians)}

The  word “workmanship” may also be translated “Masterpiece.” The first four words in ‘poiema’ spells “Poem.” You are God’s Poem, His Masterpiece. He is still working in you, but He is intimately involved and you are a trophy of His grace, His Divine favor and kindness. You may not feel much of a “masterpiece,’ “But God…” is continually working and you are His masterpiece of more value than the costliest works of the grandest and brilliance of the most acclaimed artist. For you have been bought with the “precious,” valuable blood of Jesus. He has set His value upon you, and there is no higher authority than God Himself! The Jerusalem Bible translates workmanship as “work of art.” He has “saved”us from the corruption, destruction, bondage of sin, to make something beautiful out of us, we are to HIM, His “Masterpiece!” It is  a new life created out of nothing within us that God has to work with but “a new creation in Christ.”We are On display as GOD’S Masterpiece! His “Work Of Art.” This is HIS Value of you!

“The Greek word for a poet, poietes, comes from this same word. In reference to a poet, this Greek word would denote one who has the extraordinary ability to write or create a literary masterpiece. Because Paul uses the word poiema to explain what happened when you became a child of God, it emphatically means that on the day you got saved, God put forth His most powerful and creative effort to make you new. Once God was finished making you new, you became a masterpiece, skillfully and artfully created in Christ Jesus. There’s nothing cheap about you at all!”-{Rick Renner}

The words of the poem, the artwork is the expression of the artist. Christ is the Artist, His the glory, and the outworking on the canvas of His work… is that we were created for “good works,” reflecting Him, His character, goodness to others!{Eph 2;10}

Do you see yourself as God sees you? It is not what you “feel,” for feelings constantly change, but not God! His Word is permanent!

YOU are who He says you are! You are His “Masterpiece!… His Work of Art!”

See yourself as He sees you… Say what He says about you!

Praise Him