Believers, “stand in grace” before God, “….until God ceases to be.” How long is that? When will God cease to be God? NEVER!
How long will you “stand” declared right before God? As long as God is God…which is forever and ever and ever and beyond -. How is this all possible? “…through our Lord Jesus Christ.” It all goes back to Him.

Your acceptance before Him is not based on your “merits”=”good works” what you have done or not done, or your “demerits” how much you have sinned — again- and failed. This type of thinking ends with- “me”- as the central thought and the focus and ending of each thought. “My” – merits or de – merits. Why God is obligated to “bless” me- my “merits.” Why God cannot “bless” me- my “de-merits.”You see how easy it is to fall into making it all about you rather than Him? We end the appeal to God based on Self rather than the Savior. Often when we fail, sin- we move away from the Savior rather than towards Him. Why? we are disappointed in- SELF! Or when we believe we have “merited” His blessing we move towards Him believing He is “obligated” and we are “entitled” to have His “blessing” and falsely believe blue skies and ease are His approval upon our life. We erroneously place our self at the center rather than the Savior in our thinking- these are false concepts. We do not “stand”- positionally before Him in our own “merits” or “demerits” but in His merit! His complete work! His accepted work! We stand in His merit- on our behalf- which produces – humility, amazement and glorying- boasting in… Him!
Acceptance with God is based solely “…through our Lord Jesus Christ.” -Upon Him

“Justified…through our Lord Jesus Christ”
“Peace…through our Lord Jesus Christ.”
“Access…through our Lord Jesus Christ.”
“Stand in Grace…through our Lord Jesus Christ.’
“BOAST in the Hope of the glory of God… through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

All these blessings and more come through a Person,’our Lord Jesus Christ!” He is the focus and to be worshiped. Think on Him, Take Him at His Word for His WORK ON YOUR BEHALF AND ALL FOLLOWERS OF HIS! Trust him and TELL OF HIS WONDERS TO OTHERS!


Justified- declared right with Him and before Him; Peace, the war is over between you and Him – Access which is eternal; Grace, His favor is not for a moment, or a life time but for eternity upon you. Hope of the certainty, assurance of Him granted to you which will be realized when you see Him…and these all exclusively are yours and come to you,“…through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Outside of Him there is No justification, No peace with God; No Access to God; No grace to stand accepted before Him; No Hope of assurance of spending eternity with Him…it is only,“…through our Lord Jesus Christ.” this new stand and these sureties and blessings are found.

Your “stand” all ends with either Self or the Savior. Think of what or whom you appeal to when you come before Him in prayer= the False concepts of “merit” or “demerits” of your Self or the Merit of the Savior? One, ends with THE FOCUS ON SELF- the other ends with the Focus and boasting of the Savior. It is the rest of faith in His faithfulness that counteracts our tendency that wants to drift back to the appeal of self for acceptance with God, manifested in faulty thinking of a “merit” “demerit” system. Rest in His Word, rest in His cross, rest in His resurrection, Rest in His promises. Rest in His Word. Rest in Him- Rest in His merit which declares such blessings of justification- peace- access- grace- hope- and these are all yours, “… through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Faulty thinking has a faulty foundation. Christ like thinking has Christ as the foundation. His Word is His standard! We must submit and have our mind renewed by His Word, if we are to think in alignment with Him and build the foundation of our lives upon Him! – {Read Romans 12:1-2; Matt 7:24-27}

Your “…stand in Grace”- the favor and kindness of God never ceases as long as God shall be- Think on Him. Begin with Him.End with Him. It is because of Him we have this new, everlasting “stand in grace.” How long will we stand in such privilege? As long as God is- which is eternal- or to say another way -until God ceases to be:)- He is your foundation, not your feelings, not your faulty thinking , but Him and His unchanging Word. Him as our Foundation, we are safe and secure as long as He ceases to be- and He will never cease to be other than He is- God.

“Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we boast in the hope of the glory of God.”-{Rom 5:1-2}