Justification by Faith

Consider some of The Believers Blessings God has afforded us Through Jesus Christ to assure us of eternal security and also hope to anchor and encourage and provide hope amidst times of suffering,tribulations…

  1. PEACE with God through Christ (see note Romans 5:1)
  2. ACCESS into the grace & presence of God through Christ (see note Romans 5:2)
  3. Experience of Exultation and Joy in tribulation (see note Romans 5:3)
  4. The LOVE of God poured out in our heart (see note Romans 5:5)
  5. GIFT of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (see note Romans 5:5)
  6. DELIVERANCE from the future wrath of God (see note Romans 5:9)
  7. Present continuing salvation in Christ our life (see note Romans 5:10)
  8. RECONCILIATION through Christ with God (Romans 5:11)