“So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for a little  while.  These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold.” – 1 Peter 1:6-7 {NLT}

* If Moses never had been to the Red Sea, he never would have known God could part it
* If Elijah had never been by the Brook, he never would have known God could take the most selfish of birds, ravens, and provide food for him
* If Jehoshaphat and the people had not been in the place where it looked like they would have been overtaken and destroyed, they never would have turned to God to see Him undertake
* If the Disciples had never been in terrifying storm, they never would have known Jesus could calm the storm.
The impossible becomes possible with God –   
“All things are possible with God” – {Matthew 19:26}
At every trial you face, you never face it alone.-  {Hebrews 13:5}      
At every difficulty you encounter, God is present and God is able to meet you. He can do this by strengthening you to endure the trial with sufficient grace, or He can deliver you from the trial.
In every trial God is present and God is able. Moses, Jehoshaphat, Elijah, the disciples and countless others all ended up with testimonies to the sufficiency of God. The first four letters in Testimony are T-E-S-T. Your trial is the beginning of your testimony to God and of God
What if you fail the T-E-S-T? God is still faithful to undertake and He will not discard you, condemn you but lovingly meet you that even when we fail the T-E-S-T we have a testimony to the compassion of the LORD and the BLOOD of Jesus to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. {1 John 1:9}
Its not how often you stumble but getting up and once again looking though trembling perhaps at times as you view circumstances that seem overwhelming but with Jeshospahet {2 Chron 20} your hearts says. “LORD we don’t know what to do…. BUT OUR EYES ARE ON YOU!”- that dear precious brothers and sisters is faith in the faithful One. With God all things are possible!
God is working in you and through you and your T-E-S-T is but the beginning of your TESTIMONY to strengthen the rest of us.
I have been six months in severe, debilitating pain, My pain debilitates me from walking much, sleep deprivation, not falling to sleep till 5 most mornings, with every bout I am told the disease, will get worse… this has not been weeks, months, but years, it is emotionally and physically exhausting and very, very, painful! It effects all the family.
I have known what it is to be with little and yet at my Red Sea I have seen Him do what I could not do. No resources for medicines I needed and yet God within 24 hours provides enough for several days. Enough bread and milk to feed the family. If we never had been here we never would know He cares, He is intimately involved, and He lovingly provides, in ways and through people I never thought of. Such is His training me and mine to “walk by faith and not by sight” {2 Cor 5:7}. Sometimes I would rather read about it, but God builds a man and a woman of faith, not through reading but through taking us through the furnace of affliction to build our faith so we may have a T-E-S-T that when responded rightly produces a beautiful TESTIMONY to the LOVE of God and that encourages those who also face daily tests, that they too will find Him faithful and true! The test is a prelude to seeking, knowing Him and testifying of Him to others. Moses, Elijah, Jehoshaphat, the disciples never could have dreamed that their T-E-S-T’-S of faith would be recorded and used for generations to read, find hope and courage to trust in the God of Moses etc.
You too, are a testimony to others of Him! Some T-E-S-T-‘S are harder than others but each has a purpose- LOOK TO HIM. TRUST HIM, REST IN HIM- WATCH HIM meet as He sees fit and then TELL of Him who met you in the furnace of testing. For the testing of your faith is more precious than gold!
Every second day we are presently living looking to Him to meet our physical, medical needs and times it is wearying “But God…” raises up people we never would have thought of to help us know Him better by seeing Him in the hour, days of need. What can I do? I can barely get off my bed, in many ways I am an invalid, my wife and kids also feel the pressures but in it He is working and desirous to draw them into a life of faith anchored in the faithfulness Of God. In order for them to learn to walk by faith it is imperative to know the life of faith is not easy, indeed it is gloriously hard! 
There is a cost to have a God honoring Testimony and it begins with T-E-S-T. In it I find many acquaintances but a few friends, but He knows what He is going to do. In John 6:6 He said “He tested them for He Himself He knew what He was going to do”- God is personally involved, intimately undertaken to reveal Himself to you and through you in order to testify to Him and every TESTIMONY begins with a T-E-S-T! 
I have learned in the difficult place “friends” are few and far between, “BUT GOD…” I am learning the difference between acquaintances verses friends…. and it is the trials that separate – How sad. Of no use to some any longer they move on and yet the anchor God will raise up people to empathize with you in the T-E-S-T. 
Are you in Test? Know it is but a prelude to a glorious Testimony Of God to share with others! Keep looking to Him, Keep relying on Him- He is the same today as He was in Moses, Jehoshaphat, Elijah and the disciples day and in their time of testing whose testimonies you have read of! Now your T-E-S-T when responded to properly can be a life which is a testimony to Him for others!!! There is purpose in your T-E-S-T….  The Glory of Jesus!