You Are Spiritually GIFTED,

“God has GIVEN each of you A GIFT from His great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to SERVE one another.

If anyone SPEAKS, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God.

If anyone SERVES, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ.

To Him be the glory and the power forever and ever. Amen.”- {1 Pet 4:10-11}.


God’s Giftedness is not nullified by illness, suffering, difficulty, poverty, nationality or circumstances. So often people have believed the lie that unless they are standing before a congregation or in a “leadership” position their only obligation is to show up, sit down in a pew and listen and then leave. And they feel empty, they feel isolated, they feel they are of no use, and that is a lie. What is the truth? Christ died to save you and to gift you with the Holy Spirit to empower you to be a prominent part of His work on this earth during your stay here!

Moses said he was not eloquent enough to speak. God provided. Timothy was chronically sick yet he was greatly used by God. Paul had a painful ‘thorn,” yet used it mightily in the kingdom work. God upon converting each individual immediately endows a spiritual gift if not more to each child to achieve a spiritual end. Peter in the midst of suffering to those who he writes to reminds them that they are recipients of the generosity of God in being supplied with a spiritual gift. In this passage, he categorizes it into two main ones that of speaking and of service. He reveals that the gifts are not for oneself but for the good of others. As each one has received a gift they are to employ them for …others…to what end? To build them up in their faith and ultimately to glorify Jesus Christ!

Several other passages speak of spiritual gifts that God imparts through His Spirit to accomplish spiritual work as mentioned in Romans 12, 2 Cor 12, Eph 4, and hear in 1 Peter that is revealed to us.

Each gift we are told is important. Each gift is distributed by the Holy Spirit, so we have no reason to boast as though we are the originator of it but like salvation, it is by Grace, the extraordinary generosity of God, and the gifts are imparted with a two-fold purpose. The building up of others in their faith and the glorifying of Jesus Christ!

You are Gifted.

How do you know what gift you have? Read the passages where they are mentioned. Pray He helps you see which you have and a practical way to know is what is it you love to do, find enjoyment in doing so, and as it were you are in your element.

For example, there is the gift of “administration” and my wife has it, no doubt. Me? It is like pulling teeth… no joy, I find it is a great difficulty. But to share His Word I find great joy, to study it and share it though at times scary for me before I stand to speak but once I start to share I am in my element, like being in my orbit. And indeed I am as I am exercising the gift He has imparted to me.

So how do you know which gift you have? You enjoy it and feel comfortable with it and secondly is others testify you have it. I had a friend who wanted to speak and he did. They affirm you are good at it. It is helpful to others.

Gifts are imparted and they have to be developed. For the one who speaks they need to study His Word and dividing it accurately and that takes work. So the gift is imparted needs to be developed and you need to have opportunities to display it. That involves being around other believers in order to impart your gift. For example someone with the gift to speak His Word, teaching it, there is no point in going into your closet and preaching to the clothes on hangers. No one is built up, edified, are they? No, you need to have believers to exercise your gift to, so they may be built up.

Sometimes speakers want to be the center of attention. It reminds me of one man who after speaking would want to know how he did, he needed affirmation but that was his goal and not others. One day “the penny dropped” and he realized the goal, and the question to ask, “Was it helping the people who were listening?” The purpose of the teaching, and speaking gift is that others be built up in their faith, and Jesus Christ is glorified It is the same as any gift that He imparts, and the Holy Spirit will empower you to exercise your gift. He will enable you to develop your gift and He will give you opportunities with others to do it.

Whatever your circumstance you can exercise your spiritual gift

Your Gift Is From God

Your Gift is for others.

Your Gift when used Glorifies Jesus Christ.

Your Gift is Empowered by the Holy Spirit towards a spiritual end.


Your circumstances are opportunities to build up His people as you choose to exercise the Gift He has imparted to you as a faithful steward to use for His glory! You are important in the body of Christ.  You have a gift to use for the people of God’s BENEFIT, AND FAILING TO DO So is failing to love His people and glorify Jesus Christ!

You Are Gifted

In this passage against the background of severe trials, indeed Peter speaks of “distress'” the word speaks of “tearful sorrowful,”  and “mental anguish.” They were going through great and various suffering, trials and despite this Peter writes to them of the God-given spiritual giftedness that each believer receives from God upon conversion to serve His people and build them up in their faith and ultimately Glorify the LORD Jesus.

He summarizes the gifts n two categories of Speaking and Service gifts.

The speaking gift is supernaturally given, and empowered, and is to be used for the service of others. This requires studying His Word and rightly dividing it and lovingly presenting it. To have this gift and fail to use it will result in God’s people not being built up if you do not use it. You cant keep this gift to yourself and go into a closet or an open field and preach and teach with no one to hear. You need people to be around to exercise your giftedness.

The service gifts are likewise to be used for others’ benefit. God has provided for His people for the welfare to serve well all His people. You have been gifted, Rom 12, 1 Cor 12, Ephesians 4, 1 Peter 4 list some verses with the various Spirit-given empowered gifts for His people we need to know them as 1 Cor 12;1 refers to, so that we may exercise our gifts for His glory and His people’s benefits!

Some people may say it is not important whether we know our giftedness or not, but it does matter, “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be unaware. “-{1 Cor 12;1}. Ignorance is not bliss. Some dear people feel they have nothing to contribute to the work of Christ apart from attending a Sunday service faithfully and perhaps watching others speak or do various things and feel they do not fit in or have no role, importance, or usefulness in the church. But this is a lie! GOD HAS GIFTED EACH ONE OF US AND HAS EQUAL IMPORTANCE TO HIM AND HIS KINGDOM IN APPLYING HIS GIFTS TO WHERE WE ARE AT!

You Are gifted…. use it well… others will benefit … Jesus Christ will be glorified as you exercise your  Spiritual Gift!