Shipwrecked, beaten, snake-bitten, in prison again! Today he might have heard the “spiritual cliché,”… “God is trying to get his attention” as though if any suffering, difficulty comes into a person’s life then there must be something “wrong” with them, we falsely believe that if we are “right” with God, He will not only keep us from suffering , He is Obligated! And that is often revealed by the question, “Why?” when something bad, painful, suffering or goes wrong, or is hard happens in our lives. We can’t believe God would have us in such a circumstance. We are self focused on our comfort and not Christ centered and focused on His Kingdom!  So the conclusion by some, if Paul lived today and suffered like he had could be,”something is not right with him , or ‘God is trying to get His attention..,”  as though he was in a spiritual maze, and if he could figure out what God was doing, it would all stop, the difficulties, suffering, imprisonment, and life would be easier, circumstances would be more favorable. No, God was “not trying to get his attention,” He was using him to get others attention and spread His Gospel IN difficult circumstances to reach others who were also in those circumstances!

We often equate or others equate for us that difficult circumstances equal the displeasure of God! If that was the case, God sure was highly displeased with Paul! Which is not true! And so the question comes out, “What is God trying to say to you?” rather than concentrating on “What does God say for us in His Word amidst difficulties?” Our responsibility and privilege to be about our Father’s business and seeking to lovingly share the Gospel is not sidelined until more favorable circumstances come into our lives.

Paul was in difficult circumstances and he has a higher view of why he is there as seen in his use of the word “FOR” which gives the explanation, the reasoning…


“I Paul the prisoner of Christ FOR the sake of YOU, Gentiles..”{Read Eph 3:1}, The word “FOR” gives the explanation…}

“I want you to know brothers and sisters my circumstances are working out FOR the advancement of the Gospel.”-{Read Phil 1:12-14}

FOR“… others spiritual benefit… “FOR” the furtherance, advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We often forget Jesus said of Paul, “This man is My chosen instrument to carry My name before the Gentiles and their kings, and before the people of Israel. I will show him how much he must suffer FOR My name.“-{Read Acts 9:15-16}

He was Divinely APPOINTED, placed in difficult circumstances for OTHERS Spiritual Benefit. -{Read Phil 1:16} “appointed.” The word means strategically placed as a soldier to a specific post.

Paul knew He was APPOINTED by God and ASSIGNED “FOR” the Gospel in those Difficulties! How beautiful to keep before us “I am Appointed and Assigned” by God in my circumstances…”

In Ephesians 3:1 He did not say he was Rome’s prisoner but “Christ’s!” He did not turn inward and downward because of his assignment, difficult circumstances, but Upward towards Christ and Outward towards others!

Stop trying to figure out or allowing others to pressure you, and potentially turn you inward and downward through trying to find out the “secret meaning” instead concentrate on the objective Word of God revealed for us in our difficulties.

Difficulties can be set ups to…SPREAD THE GOSPEL FOR Others Benefit FOR Jesus SAKE!

The question is not “What is God trying to say to you” BUT “WHAT HAS GOD SAID….IN HIS Word? It requires no seeking to try find hidden meanings but is clear, written , revealed for you and me ..”GO into all the world and PREACH THE GOSPEL!”-{Mark 16:15}…

in your difficulties look to make His Fame and Name known…”FOR Jesus sake”-{Read 2 Cor 4:5} –🙂