All Your works praise You, Lord;
    Your faithful people extol You.
11 They tell of the glory of Your kingdom
    and speak of Your might,
12 so that all people may know of Your mighty acts
    and the glorious splendor of Your kingdom.
13 Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom,
    and Your dominion endures through all generations.  “-{Psalm 145:10-14}.

We should be telling one another, reminding one another of the “Glory of the LORD’S Kingdom,”His Power, the LORD’S “Mighty Acts.” How often we have opportunities to encourage one another, stimulate one another by speaking of Him, something we have read of Him and or have experienced, let us avail of such times and share of Him!. Let us look to Him to ask Him to reign in our hearts and unloose our tongues to speak of that which is edifying, exalting God, who is worthy of our praise for who He is and the demonstration of His “Mighty Deeds,” so we may know  Him, who puts His “Mighty acts” on display to reveal Himself to us! His Word is a treasure of records of some of His “Mighty acts,” which we can read to know Him and recount for our own hearts as fuel for faith and praise, and also to share with others that they too may be participants of the great throng of “…everything that has BREATH Praise the LORD!”-{Psalm 150:6}. How wonderful to sit with someone and say, “Do you know what I read about the LORD?” Or,”Do you know what I remember about the LORD?” Or “Can I tell you  of the “Mighty Act” that the LORD has done for me?” Who among us cannot sit with another and start  such a conversation? What is it that holds us back from doing so?  Is not so much what we do speak of idle chatter, of no good to the soul, or mind that would stimulate high and holy thoughts of the Glorious God of the “Mighty Acts,” to cause us to think of Him and praise Him! ” One generation will commend Your works to another, and will declare Your mighty acts.“-{v4}.  We have a glorious responsibility, privilege, to pass on to the next generation concerning the LORD.

” Of the glorious majesty of your honor,
of your wondrous works, I will meditate.” -{v5}

Note the Psalmist chooses what he will think on, meditate, bring his thoughts back to and chew over again and again namely “the glorious majesty of Your honor…Your wondrous works…”  and whatever about anyone else he has determined what he will do “I will.”…”I will meditate…” and he has chosen a fine and glorious subject, God Himself and His dealings, His mighty acts!

” Men will speak of the might of Your awesome acts.
I will declare Your greatness. “- {v6}.

Note; again his response, having meditated upon the greatness of God and His wondrous and awesome works, he determines, “I will…”…”I will declare Your Greatness.” He has made two decisions as expressed in the phrase, “I will… I will.”    We all “meditate,” we all “declare,” on something or someone. The Psalmist uses his mind and lips to meditate and declare on the Highest and Greatest, the LORD Himself!

What he THINKS about he TALKS about to others!

Ask Him to capture your own heart with Himself and embolden you to lovingly seek to share of Him with others, that they too may be reminded, encouraged and indeed from sincere gratitude praise Him continually, boast in Him and of Him!