WHY “Serve The Lord With Gladness? -{ Psalm 100:2-5}.

“Serve the LORD with gladnessCome before Him with joyful singing
 Know that the LORD Himself is God; It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; We are His people and the sheep of His pasture
Enter His gates with thanksgiving And His courts with praiseGive thanks to Him, bless His name.  For the LORD is good; His lovingkindness is everlasting And His faithfulness to all generations.”-{Psalm 100:2-5}

To serve with gladness is to do something because you find great delight, joy and are glad to do it from a heart of love and gratitude! It’s not a duty but a privilege, a delight, something you want to do, not have to!

And as we do it should give us an opportunity to share the “Hope” within us…

The word “FOR,” gives the reason Why! By faith we can learn to, and we can say
1. -I Serve The Lord with Gladness – Because He is GOOD.
2. – I Serve The Lord with Gladness – Because He is LOVING,
3. – I Serve The Lord with Gladness -Because He is FAITHFUL

The word “Serve” is a verb. So, this service to the LORD is to be ongoing, continuously serving Him with gladness!

Am I serving The Lord with Gladness? What if that is not true of you or me, what do we do? Confess it, repent and ask Him to help you remember and know Him better and… THINK, THINK, THINK on His Goodness, Love, Faithfulness.. and allow Him to motivate you as a result, so serving Him is not a “job” but a Joy! Our service is not perfection but is increasingly growing and and going in a new direction…based on a Person- The Lord, His Goodness, Love and Faithfulness. Let Him motivate you…His Word your ‘fuel’ for faith and worshipful, grateful service!

Concentrate not on “service,” otherwise you will lose sight of Him and end up laboring and serving will be as “sawdust” to your taste buds. For there is no friendship, intimacy, enjoyment with God when service in itself is an end. Martha experienced this -{Read Luke 10:40-41}. And  when “service” for “service sake” is the end, then the potential to be constantly turning inwards and taking your “spiritual temperature” and wondering “am I serving enough?” etc… and end up with throwing in the towel or sitting in condemnation and despair because of the wrong Focus. Be SAVIOR Focused not Service focused!
Don’t become “service” focused but SAVIOR focused – on HIM.. and His character and flowing forth by the power of His transforming Spirit, our service will be changed as our mind’s and hearts are being changed!
Our service should flow from a relationship with Him not as a duty but a grateful appreciation and delight in Him!
Don’t focus on Service But on the LORD

Psalm 100 is a Psalm of THANKSGIVING- GIVING THANKS to the Lord… and you can…

  • THANK Him that You can serve Him… and do so from a glad, grateful heart “FOR” =because He IS Good, Loving, Faithful…
  • THINK of His character and keep Him before You…and remind yourself of His character and WHY you have reasons “FOR ” serving Him with Gladness
  • SPEAK to yourself these Three Truths to motivate and serve as an act of worship and to encourage others to do likewise!
  • SHARE With Someone today the Three Reasons “FOR’ serving the Lord with gladness.

Why Should I Serve The Lord with Gladness?

“For…” He is Good… He is Loving… He is Faithful!

Ask Him to remind you so you can consider, mediate and share with others ways He has shown His Goodness, Love and Faithfulness to you? And Don’t forget to THANK HIM!

“Serve the Lord with gladness…FOR the Lord is GOOD and His LOVE endures forever;
His FAITHFULNESS continues through all generations.” -{v-2,5}

Serve not out of drudgery or as a job but from Joy!