GOD’S “OLDER MEN”- Part 6-( Titus 2:2)

Older Men’s Need of “PERSEVERANCE”

Titus is to teach continually the “Older men,” six characteristics that are to be embraced, developed, and displayed in their lives to encourage those around them and the younger generation of what it looks like to finish strong living out their lives investing their lives discipleing and Honouring God!

The sixth characteristics of the “Older men” in Titus 2:2 that they are to exhibit- is “PERSEVERANCE!” It means “to bear up under” the heavy load of trials, suffering, great pressures, sickness, and difficulties of all sorts and not to yield to the pressures, temptations to give up, or cave in, so as to …honor the LORD!

I call it a Godly “stubbornness. The dictionary describes “stubbornness” as -“dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something.”

Perseverance is needed because there is resistance and pressures coming against you to stop you from obtaining your goal… for the Christian that is to…Honor the LORD in the circumstances, whatever that may be!

Perseverance honors the LORD!


1.- Perseverance is developed through TRIALS- (James 1:2-4)

2.- Perseverance is developed through SUFFERING -{Rom 5:3}

3.- Perseverance is developed through the SCRIPTURES-{Rom 15:4; 1 Tim 4:16}

4.- Perseverance is developed through SUBMISSION TO THE WILL OF GOD as revealed in His Word -{Heb 10:35-36)

5.- Perseverance is developed through DISCARDING SIN AND THE THINGS THAT ENTANGLE US -( Heb 12:1)

6.- Perseverance is developed through LOOKING AWAY from all else by faith to JESUS-( Heb 12:2)

7.- Perseverance is the GIFT OF GOD-(Rom 15:5)

8.- perseverance is to be PRACTICED!


Perseverance has a goal and persists despite difficulties toward that Goal.

* Perseverance is God-Given {Rom 15:5}.

* Perseverance is God empowered {Phil 2:13nlt},

* Perseverance is to be practiced by us {Rom 15:4.}.

You have the God-given power to Keep going, choosing to Honor God and persist despite the various resistance and difficulties you face. You can persevere and Honor God !-(Read Rom 15:5; Phil 2:13 nlt}… it’s always Too soon to quit when the Honor of God is at stake!


A Good Study to allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you, is to take the above references and read each of the verses and allow the Holy Spirit to encourage, enlighten and strengthen your faith to see things from His PERSPECTIVE regarding Perseverance, the PURPOSE of it, and God’s MEANS to PRODUCE it in your life.


THE “OLDER MEN” need to PERSEVERE because it is THE WILL OF GOD for them as revealed in the verse!

THE “OLDER MEN” need to PERSEVERE all the way TO THE END of their lives, bearing up under the heavy loads of all that Old age can bring, the sorrows, loss sicknesses, physical ailments, limitations etc. because it GLORIFIES GOD!

The “OLDER MEN,” need to PERSEVERE because of the onslaught of the threat of FALSE TEACHING that seeks to deceive people, including the younger generation, and that seeks to undermine the Word of God and the God of the Word!

The “OLDER MEN,” need to PERSEVERE in order to finish their lives well for Jesus’ sake and as an EXAMPLE to the younger generation who need to see the reality of “Older Men,” living to Honor God despite the great pressures they have endured..

The “OLDER MEN,” need to keep PERSEVERING persisting against the OPPOSITION of the flesh, the devil, and the world’s system that is opposed to God, His Will, and ways!

The “OLDER MEN,” need to PERSEVERE, steadfast, enduring, persevering- because they VALUE THE LORD as worthy of their all!

The “OLDER MEN,” need to PERSEVERE, Because it expresses LOVE to God-(Read James 1:12)

The “OLDER MEN,” are to be characterized, developing and displaying GODLINESS, being “temperate, dignified, sensible, sound in the Faith, sound in love, PERSEVERANCE”-(Titus 2:2)

You as an “OLDER MAN,” have been divinely commissioned to develop and display the six characteristics in Titus 2:2, and invest your life in others to help them through modeling before them, the “Sound Doctrine” that is manifested in living “temperate, dignified, sensible, sound in the faith, sound in love, PERSEVERANCE!” And the Holy Spirit will empower you to do so!-( Phil 2:13)

ALL of God’s “Older Men,” have a purpose as Titus 2:1-2 states …

You have purpose as GOD’S OLDER MAN!-

God bless