Titus 2:1-2 lists the first of several groupings of people and how to model and influence Godly virtues in a life. And old age is no barrier as Paul address’s the older men first….

Paul tells Titus to teach the older men Truth meant to influence their Christian living in six categories, to be “lights” in their culture. Truth is not meant to be merely admired or affirmed but has no personal and practical application, but the truth is meant to Transform us… informing our thinking and with Application Transforming our character… in these areas …

1.- Exercise Self-Control

2.- Dignified- (respectful)

3.- Live Wisely -(Sensible)

4.- Sound (Healthy, uncorrupt in) Faith

5.- Filled with Love

6.- Steadfastness

  • It’s about character, not cash or “credentials!”
  • With old age comes new opportunities to GLORIFY God
  • With old age comes new opportunities to TRUST God
  • With old age comes new Responsibilities to be spiritually MATURE and MODEL Godly character
  • With old age can come SPIRITUAL STABILITY, wisdom, strength in a congregation and a pathway for the younger to follow


With old age comes NEW CHALLENGES;

With old age comes Challenges, such as the loss of loved ones seem to happen more regularly; Loss of capacity to work and do the things you once perhaps were capable of doing. Loss of health; Loss of respect- as society looks down on you. Loneliness.

The tendency can be to grow old and callous, bitter, resentful, intolerant of others… cranky…. Living as though your life is over, that often comes from a false value system – not looking at what God values, but looking at what the world system values and seeing ourselves through the eyes of that system. It can leave us dejected, discouraged, depressed

“BUT GOD…” shows that older men have the Capacity to GROW and SHOW their contemporary and younger generation how to live out lives in a way that reflects their Christianity and how to GROW OLD, and GRACIOUS, and have GODLY influence!

  • Old Age does not stop spiritual growth!
  • Old age does not bring automatic Christian Maturity!

These areas have to be identified, and developed! And this is possible by the empowering of the Holy Spirit as we submit to Him to conform us as we renew our mind through the Word of God-( Rom 12:1-2)

So, if you are a parent, and have older sons, perhaps instead of focusing on “what they do,” in relation to a college, job-wise, focus on “ who they are – character-wise, in relation to Christlikeness, and what they are to become for Him as His missionaries on this earth!

Often a question parents may find themselves asked concerning an older son is, “what is he doing now?”- -and has to do with his occupation – And depending on the answer so goes the value or depreciation of their worth in the mind of the one asking the question.

We are too often taken up with occupation more so than their character! Because we are so earth-bound in our thinking and value system! Instead of our minds being set on things above they seem to be fixed in things of this earth – which as the bent of a life is characteristic of a lost person” For, as I have often told you before and now tell you again even with tears, many live as enemies of the cross of Christ…Their destiny is destruction, …Their mind is set on earthly things.”-( Phil 3:18-19). We are in the world but the values of our Heavenly King is to increasingly become our value system!

Appropriate questions instead could be “How is your son’s relationship with the LORD?” Asking with the intent to pray for them. If they don’t have a relationship with the LORD, to ask Him to rescue them that they may worship Him …if they do know Him that they may grow through embracing proper Doctrine- Teaching and proper Discernment that Character- Christlike Character is the goal… not gold, accolades as their chief aim, but Character that reflects sound doctrine for God’s Fame in their circle of influence!

  • If you have a daughter or are a lady looking for a spouse… look for and pray for these characteristics in Titus 2:1-2…
  • If you are married, Pray for your husband in these six areas mentioned in Titus 2:1-2.

If you are single and know young or older men you can have an influence in their lives through your prayers for them to value what God values in Titus 2 and seek to appropriate it in their lives. You have a Godly opportunity

If you are an older man – your life may be limited physically, financially etc but your life is not over. You are not an old dog who can’t be taught new tricks – you are not a dog! You are made in the image of God, and “In Christ,” you are a purchased possession who remains here to make His Name snd Fame known and one way is as you KNOW…GROW and SHOW Godly characteristics of an OLDER Man as mentioned in Titus 2:1-2! The word “older man” -(“presbutas”) speaks of an aged man and also used as an ambassador.

Caleb in his old age prayed “Give me this mountain!” He was still zealous for the things, and honor of God… and so can be the Titus 2:2 men as they look at old age with often its limitations but opportunities to learn to deepen their faith, their dependence upon the LORD to meet them.

Faith– growing in dependence upon Him, as we need Him and are more CONSCIOUS of our need and Dependence upon Him!

You have the capacity and responsibility to Display these 6 Godly virtues mentioned in Titus 2:2 and you can by the Grace of God in dependence upon the Scriptures to guide you, the Holy Spirit to empower and develop you to display these Godly traits as you choose and decide to work out this aspect of your salvation!

1.- COMMIT- Titus 2:1-2 to memory

2.- SUBMIT- to it

3.- TRANSMIT it – by choosing to obey and depending on the empowering Spirit to develop and to live it out in your life


Old age affords opportunities to still Glorify God.

  • You are not USELESS but your life can be USEFUL to those around you and to a younger generation of what AN OLDER CHRISTIAN MAN is to LOOK like and Live out their days as they approach eternity



Has nothing to do with finances but everything to do with Christlike, God-honoring Character – pointing others to the LORD!

GROWING OLD is still an OPPORTUNITY to GROW UP and DISPLAY Godly Character!

Growing old – you can’t stop age – but you can choose to Grow Old KNOWING God’s Purpose and SHOWING it for your life!

You know God’s Purpose from Titus 2:1-2 as you Grow Old. Grow old with God’s purpose for you! REVISIT the six aspects mentioned in Titus 2:2 asking Him to help mature and strengthen you in each area to be an Older Godly Ambassador of hope and light to those around you and to the younger generation who are watching your life!

If your life has not displayed these characteristics? Acknowledge and thank Him that you still have time, just as He gave Samson time to finish strong and glorify Him.


GOD bless