“Come apart to a lonely place, by yourselves and rest awhile.”- Mark 6:31

This morning- Just after 3 am ..I am awake, praying for my kids and some others and as is my custom- I try to write a note to some of our children. This morning Its about Mark 6:31 and the words of Jesus “Come apart, by yourselves to a lonely place, and rest awhile.” This will be a lesson they must learn- it is imperative for them to learn as they venture to serve Him and influence others for Him- the need for “REST.” This I understand will not be an easy lesson, and may requires some relearning after failures – but the quicker they can learn it the more effective they will be. So I do hope this may be of encouragement to yourself as you “listen in” to my note to them…..It seems so, so strange, if it wasn’t in the Bible, you’d doubt it was necessary- Rest, that is! Jesus on seeing and hearing from the disciples who were so excited having returned from ministering and seeing the response and in the height of ministering to such an extent THAT COWDS of people were coming and going – they did not have time to stop and eat- He said to them, “Come apart to a lonely place- by yourselves- and REST AWHILE”- He knew their need was “REST” or as it literally says ” REST UP”… be REFRESHED.

One night  I went to bed thinking about one person on my mind- concerned about their state and I awoke with them heavy on my heart, a young brother, who is burning the candle at both ends, who not long ago nearly “burned out” and now again it seems is back on the same road… What would Jesus say? I don’t know. I pray for wisdom for the young brother, but I am also conscious of the words of an old country preacher who once said, “Come apart, BEFORE you come apart.”

I once had the privilege of watching an older missionary deal with younger missionaries and how insightful and tender he was with them, seeing some at times were exhausted mentally that is. They would come on furlough and even when their “furlough” was up, he was not a slave to time as though they HAD to go back. for He had learned the principle from his MASTER from Mark 6:31 of the need of rest- not just physical but emotional rest. At times their mind’s racing, so much to be done- too exhausted to seem to be able to deal with, they were in a hard place and their need was “rest.” He did not send them back to their respective missionary field, as they were emotionally exhausted- pushed beyond their emotional limits and he knew and was wise enough to implement the principles from Mark 6:31- to “Come apart and REST UP” Be “REFRESHED.” He knew if they returned to their mission field in the emotional fatigue condition they were in, they would only get worse! While others in that position may tend to “drive” people- he graciously, “led” them! The Shepherd makes us lie down and leads us beside still waters. For He knows the condition and fraility of His sheep. They need to be able to rest, be refreshed.{Psalm 23:2}.

Jesus we agree is God, right? Some times the Godliest thing you can do is to withdraw – where you can “rest up” and be “refreshed,” so in His time you can be able to minister from a place of refreshing rather than one of exhaustion. Some would say,”Burn out for Jesus”- as if that were was some virtue- when in fact you may need to heed the words of God and your need is to “REST UP for JESUS.” and “REST UP with Jesus and in Jesus”- Physical, emotional- heart rest! Withdrawing from the busyness of ministry and demands of people is at times a necessity, the LORD Jesus taught- indeed it is wisdom!

In between every piano note while playing there is a “rest” a pause- even a piano can teach some of us- to be effective a rest is needed.

YOU NEED to work into life those times of “pause.” Times where you can “rest up,”  be “refreshed,” emotionally, physicallt, spiritually. At times it may not be possible to get away- how then can you rest up?

  1. Learn to say “NO.” This can be very difficult- but is necessary if you are not going to “burn out.” Don’t feel guilty, but prioritize. Some things can be left for another day. Not every conversation is worthy of staying up late. Turn off the TV. Put down your phone- turn off the computer. If you can get yourself to the country side or a place of quiet – a break from the demands and rest up physically then do so- and don’t feel bad about it.
  2. Learn to TRUST- One elderly lady, loved to make LIST’S- She would write out her list in the morning and then at times would be very upset if she could not get “her” list done that day. She finally LEARNED to TRUST the LORD with His list for that day. Writing it out and committing it to Him and asking Him to be LORD of her list and what He deemed necessary to get done or not for that day- and it brought “REST” to her heart. She was no longer a slave to her list but now instead of it being a “god” it was now but a “guide” and he was God to her in this area.
  3. “REST UP”- Literally seek to get appropriate sleep and give your body some rest – we were not meant to “burn candles” at both ends – WHEN we do not get sufficient sleep, we are more prone to make emotional decisions- and make wrong choices
  4. WISE UP– Prioritize what your responsibilities are…. focus on those and know that you need rest… and the One who is all Wise prioritized rest as it was deemed by Him most needful- no matter how busy the “ministry ” was…”Come apart before you come apart”- wise words form an old country preacher, based on his Master’s words which are still true today- “Come apart by yourselves – to a lonely place- and REST UP.”

No- Its not “burn out for Jesus” – the enemy of our souls drives- the Good Shepherd -“LEADS” His people,{Psalm 23:2}. “REST UP” IS AT TIMES THE GODLIEST THING YOU CAN DO-

Pray for the young brother I mentioned, that he would learn to RESTt in Him and also to physically rest and not “burn out.” To be effective for the Master involves REST as well as labor. Wisdom knows when!

Praying you know the value of Him and His words who said -“Come apart to a lonely place- by yourselves- and rest awhile”-Mark 6:31