January 6 2016

I saw surgeon today …
The surgeon sat down beside me and was talking to me then asked me some questions . He said he had to stop and ask me if I ever did any speaking? I said I used to before I got sick. Turns out he heard me speak with his wife 8/9 years ago ..he said when he heard my accent it got him thinking that he knew me. He heard me speak at a church and his wife introduced me, as she had heard me speak before hand. He turned out to be a dear brother. I shared with him Phil 1:16- “appointed!”!and he leaned back and smiled. On Sunday with family their devotional was on that !!!! I shared with him that in the mundane of life to know we have been “appointed,”which in Phil1:16 means to be “set.” It was used of soldiers strategically placed for a purpose. So we like them are to man our posts and fulfil our duty to meet the needs of others to His end! Paul’s circumstances were working out to advance the Gospel ( Phil 1:12) and this through evangelizing v 13; and encouraging God’s people to speak the Word of God boldly without fear v 14- and this they did Paul said because of his presence with them in the circumstances.

God had him strategically there to advance the Gospel and this can turn the mundane and elevate it as we see our circumstances are opportunities to pray ( Phil 1:3-5;9-11) Evangelize ( v 12) Encourage the brethren to speak the Word of God without fear – and Paul’s presence gave then strength to do so. – v14. Never underestimate your presence in circumstances. You are designated, “appointed” with purpose and everyone who comes across your path is a candidate to pray, evangelize, encourage the brethren specifically to speak the Word of God without fear !

*The mundane is elevated when by His grace we see we are “Appointed!”

The dr set me up to have some tests at hospital for jan 25th to try and help , eliminate some things ( including I hope some things he mentioned) or find out some of sources of new pain or if it’s connected to muscle disease – I told him Saturday the pain had gone down . The Lord intervening. I am still in some pain in new areas ..,he says he had seen that happen before. He turned our to be a dear brother

” Laughter is good medicine for the soul!”

On the funny side – a lady came to call me into her office to set up an appt… she was so so tired and as she waked away from me she said, “and how are you doing today ?” She kept walking away from me and did not look back towards me. So I stopped , she kept walking away having no idea I had stopped and I said ” here’s a hint. I’m in a drs office (surgeon) what do you think?” With that she stopped, still didn’t turn around but bent over and she burst out laughing and two of the medical staff also did likewise who heard it – “laughter is good medicine for the soul.” I got to share a little with her in her office.

Earlier The Lord was kind the receptionist in hearing my accent asked how I came to be here I shared with her a bit and how I had come to know The Lord. Then another opportunity . The nurse who took my vitals and talked to me said something that opened an opportunity to share with her in Col 3:1. She was a believer …
So to those who prayed for my “appointment” with the surgeon
Thank you. I would say it was a good day at “the office 

Keep laughing 

As I write this I am so so tired , weak and find myself as I exhale I groan with every breath from pain

But I hope you know how thankful I am to Him for His mercy and His “appointment ” today … Strategically placed , just as you are. Whatever your circumstances they are opportunities to advance the Gospel . Pray that Philippians1:12-14. 16-would be more and more worked in and through me

“Now I want you to know, brethren, that my circumstanceshave turned out for the greater progress of the gospel, …. I am APPOINTED .. For the Gospel .”Phil 1:12,16
Your circumstances may seem mundane but as you see you are His appointed , strategically appointed by Him , it will elevate your heart .. You are there on Divine Appointment with eternal assignment. God encourage you is my prayer as I send this. What a blessing you are. God appointed !

Pray for me and mine please

I am very weary. But thankful my pain has subsided these past few days had I could walk outside and it felt so so good . I hope that encouraged those who pray! Hebrews 6:10 says it best !