Be Encouraged.., God Is In Control… THEREFORE…


1. – GET BACK…To SHARING The Gospel –“And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. “-{Mark 16:15: Col 1:5-6}

2. – GET BACK …To STRENGTHENING the Believers –{Read Rom 1;11;Acts 14:22; Eph 3;16}

3.- GET BACK…To SETTING “your MIND on things Above, NOT on earthly things”…-{Read Col 3:2}

4. – GET BACK… To SEEKING First The Kingdom of God And His Righteousness- {Read Matt 6:33}

5.- GET BACK…To making SUPPLICATION, praying to God specifically for those in authority for salvation and the Gospel to go forth unhindered -{Read 1 Tim 2:1;Phil 4:6},

6. -GET BACK…To SERVING CHRIST as His AMBASSADOR on this earth, in your world where you live and the people you are around.-{Read 2 Cor 5:20}

In these difficult times, are we to put on hold the SHARING of the Gospel, STRENGTHENING one another, SETTING our mind, affections on things above in exchange for being rooted, obsessed, consumed with things and affairs on this earth? Have we not been told not to fix, set our mind on earthly things? – {Col 3:2}. It does not mean we do not think on things on earth but we are not to be CONTROLLED by them!

Are we to put on hold SEEKING as the “priority” as the word “first” in the verse means- the King and the spread of His Name and Fame and Kingdom. Are we to put on hold making SUPPLICATION to God on behalf of those in authority as Paul told Timothy, for their salvation and that the Gospel would be able to be shared unhindered. Are all these things to be put on hold, SET ASIDE until life is back to where it was before?

Are you COMPLAINING or PROCLAIMING Christ in your circumstances, Am I?

Have we now laid aside our Ambassador roles in this time? Or are we still “Ambassadors for Christ” in this world promoting and representing Him in living differently than a world without knowledge or personal relationship with Him?-{2 Cor 5:20}. As His Ambassador’s we live differently in the way we think, behave, and are to be involved in “good works” so that people may see them and GLORIFY our Father in heaven?”-{Matt 5:16}. What and how are we pointing people to Jesus Christ? What “good works” are we doing?

Do you need to GET BACK to “first Love” and about His Business…?

We need to Get Back to The Scripture Priorities which are People and Not Politics as the source of our ultimate Hope! People are hurting and we have become distracted from a Heavenly given mission entrusted to us by God according to His Word. -{2 Cor 5:11-21}.

While many clamor for RIGHTS we forget RESPONSIBILITIES! Our ultimate Responsibility is to LOVE God and LOVING people by helping them, caring for them in the circumstances we find ourselves in…

Some of us have or are tempted to SIT BACK…as though God has put a hold or a pause on all heavenly activity for us in our circumstances, until a later date! If the people we read of in Scripture had waited until circumstances were favorable before they pushed ahead often through great struggles in order to share the Gospel, strengthen believers, we would not have the Scriptures as they are. While some want comfort as the end goal, these people in the Bible demonstrated their commitment to Christ in their circumstances and despite their circumstances. They were not controlled by their circumstances but as Paul said “the love of Christ CONSTRAINS/ CONTROLS us!

For the love of Christ controls us, because we have concluded this: that one has died for all, therefore all have died; and He died for all, that those who live might no longer live for themselves but for Him who for their sake died and was raised.”-{2 Cor 5:14-15}. Did you see that? Who does He say we are now to live for? When the love of Christ controls us we will “CONCLUDE” life is to be lived for self? No! But, for… CHRIST!

We need to GET BACK to our calling as His Ambassadors and be about His business in this world seeking His honor and serving others for His sake. –{Read 2 Cor 4:5}

2 Cor 4:5 gives us a good outline for living…out….

our Message- “For we do not preach ourselves but Christ Jesus as Lord,…”

our Ministry – “… and ourselves as your bond-servants.”

our Motivation- “…for Jesus’ sake.” –{Read 2 Cor 4:5}


Do we need to STEP BACK and ask where has our energies being going to and what needs to change for us to GET BACK in our Ambassadorial RESPONSIBILITY in this world for the LORD JESUS CHRIST!

Our Message, Ministry, Motivation has not changed! Let’s GET BACK To Kingdom Business exactly where you are, in the circumstances you find yourself in. You can still reach out to those around you either in person, by phone, text, email, social media, letter etc!

While many wait for circumstances to change perhaps it is us who need to change our attitudes, action in our circumstances to reflect our LORD Jesus and about His Business…

BE ENCOURAGED... you are placed by God in this generation for His purpose, part of that is SHARING the Gospel, STRENGTHENING His people, SETTING your affections on things above not on this earth, SEEKING First the Kingdom of GOD, and SERVING as His Ambassador and making SUPPLICATION to Him in prayer in the circumstances you presently find yourself in! Be encouraged…

If you have STEPPED ASIDE... and SET ASIDE your Heavenly privileges,responsibilities, now is a good time to GET BACK to God’s Business in this world He has placed us in for such a time as this!- May the Love of Christ control us and may we conclude the life we have is to be lived for Him… and His Cause…in the CIRCUMSTANCES we find ourselves in-INCLUDING such a time as this!