“PEOPLE ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH CHRISTIAN’S BEING IN PAIN. We think they should know better and be above it. As though somehow being a follower of Christ negates pain!”

In a hushed voice over the phone, a missionary of many years recalled a time in previous years as a young missionary he had hit the wall, “burned out “and nearly “checked out.” He conveyed to his mission society and wanted to let people know his condition- “burned out” and wanted it placed in his newsletter only to be told ; they could not do so, when he enquired why? he was told that the person “editing”the newsletter had never experienced  what this hurting missionary had and therefore his plea for prayer, understanding was “edited”. No one knew of his pain and hurt. Therefore God’s people were robbed of an opportunity to minister to a hurting  brother.

Not long ago a man with an international ministry spoke with me. I shared with him some of my own battles with sin, my failures, fears, depressions. anxieties. His response was to say “you are speaking to  my soul.”  When he had shared his own struggles he only had his struggles gossiped about. And so he silently suffered withholding hurt within, unsure whom he could confide in. Who would befriend him?

 I shared with him the story of the missionary and  what had happened him and then proceeded to share how glad I was that whoever “Edited” his newsletter, did not get a hold of the Scripture, otherwise Paul who was afraid” would have been “edited”; Heaven forbid we have the mighty Paul had been “afraid”. Yet, Jesus said to him,Do not be afraid any longer, but go on speaking and do not be silent; for I am with you, and no man will attack you in order to harm you, for I have many people in this city. ” .’- Acts 18:9-10

Paul was afraid? “Edit it !”

 – Paul despaired of life – “we were burdened beyond measure, above strength, so that we despaired even of life.”- 2 Cor 1:8 – “Edit it”

– Paul was depressed- “For even when we came into Macedonia our flesh had no rest, but we were )afflicted on every side: conflicts without, fears within.But God,who comforts the depressed, comforted us by the coming of Titus;”– {2 Corinthians 7:5-6-} “EDITED”

– Gods people were burdened-“Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.” We can’t have burdened people ” – {Galatians 6:2}”EDITED”

So if  we were to go by the “criteria” of the person who had the power to “EDIT” that poor missionaries plea; his trouble and cry for help and prayer was “EDITED” and so too would Paul and others in the New Testament. God has them there for a purpose. That we may draw courage and comfort among other things, and that God will meet us in our fears, anxieties despairing and depressions and burdens. They are but glorious opportunities to realize our own humanity and His Divinity!

Can we not thank God  that He does not “EDIT” His people when they are times they are, – no- we are ” “Afraid”; “Despairing of life”; “depressed”; and “Burdened,” but He ministers.

* In Paul’s case of being “afraid” He assures him he has a future and no need to be afraid any longer.

To the “Despairing”. God Himself rescues and has people interceding for them.

To the “Depressed”; God sends Titus to ENCOURAGE  them.The depressed need “encouragement.”

                                                 God uses His People, {2 Corinthians 7:6 }

                                                 God uses His Word  {Romans 15:4}

                                                 God Himself Gives Encouragement {Rom 15:5}  


To the “Burdened”; God has his people to bear the burdens of others and in doing so they fulfil the law of Christ which is to be loving and you are loving God and others when you bear , get under the burdens of others, Don’t speculate, commentate but participate! God gave people an opportunity to recognize the pain of others and an opportunity to do something about it. To get under the burden and lift, it is not only a help and encouraged to the burdened it gives you a chance to fulfil the law of Christ which is LOVE. Interestingly enough in verse 1 its addressed to the “spiritual.” How “spiritual” are you? How many burdened people are recipients of your love!

How different God is to us. We are not comfortable around people in pain , so we “EDIT” their hurt as we don’t want to seem like we are not victorious- what pride at worst, immaturity at best- a failure to understand being a Christian does not negate pain! We want to “EDIT” out those who are in pain and are not what we expect them to be -{our own false standards perhaps!} We want to “edit” them out while God wants us to “Embrace” and comfort and encourage and strengthen and bless those among us who are afraid, despairing of life, depressed, and or burdened. Oh How I Love the God of Scripture- Jesus the Friend of sinners, whose throne is a Throne of Graciousness where we may boldly come to receive, grace and mercy and HELP in time of need. It is in recognition of our need  that we are truly liberated in the fact  as Christians we are receivers and He loves to Give to meet our needs! He cares for us{1 Peter 5:7} and genuinely so.

There was a  man who wrote of three men of a certain group who had “proved to be an encouragement to me.”  One man among the three  the writer had “edited” out as it were this man from service approximately 10-12 years earlier. And now he testified that he was one of three who  “encouraged” him. The word he uses here for “encouragement” speaks of the relief medicine brought to pain. He was in pain and he whom he had once “edited” was now dispensing  as it were medicine for his pain.”

The young man who was once “edited” did not turn out to bad after all. Some believe it was him whom Jesus chose, to write a best seller- “The Book of Mark” and Paul testified he was as medicine in relieving his pain.

Oops! Paul was in pain, can’t have that now can we“Edit” him.” The young man who had once failed John Mark-“Edited”. Don’t you see how stupid it is if we keep “editing” one another because we have some false standard which is neither realty and certainly not Christianity

Take courage” If you have been “edited” out by someone- know God has not! No, there are no more Gospels to be written., but you too can be used as medicine relives the pain of a hurting man , woman , boy or girl and so your life can do likewise. Don’t be bitter choose to be a blessing,

Be warned;”Editing” people out is neither Christian nor Biblical- you have a false standard.


 Many years have since transpired, I wonder if the person who “edited” out the young missionary’s pain realizes how robbed many people were of ministering to a hurting brother, and realizes the  failure to allow people to minister to missionaries who do hurt; have bouts of fear, despairing even of life, depressed and burdened- just like the mighty apostle Paul and early church- and even some of the rest of us! If we were not frail creatures and realized it by Gods Grace- we would have no need of Him; to come to Him to receive from Him.

For the one who “edited”- perhaps the years will come when the hallways of their home are empty, the house silent, the pain creeping in of loneliness and the need for someone to come and Minster relief to their pain. Perhaps God will raise up one of us, whom have been “edited “to  minister to their hearts that they may be encouraged. We all make mistakes- don’t we?  Let’s just trust God to learn and not to “edit” out the “PEOPLE IN PAIN”- They just may be another John Mark! They just may be another Pail who needs grace and mercy and help for his time of pain

Be encouraged! God will use you, has used you, will use you, irrespective of who in their “ivory tower” thinks you should be “EDITED” out!  Keep going and don’t be bitter, choose to be a blessing” and prove to be an encouragement” to those in pain!

You are loved


Your M-AP- for today;

M- Meditate; Have you “Edited” anyone out?

A.- Acknowledge it a sin- pride- Rectify it if possible with the person. Ask God to help you be gracious and not promoting a false standard.

P- Press on and prayerfully look to minister to those who are “Afraid,” despairing;” “depressed;” and “burdened” and in doing so fulfil the law of Christ- which is love. Embrace people in their pain, don’t “Edit” them out.