“APPOINTED”-Phil 1:16. Yesterday I was so excited I got to get out of the house and felt “good” my pain way down, first time in a long long time. ( though it can soon revert ,) One of my boys took me to get a haircut. It was a thirty minute wait.I sat beside a lady and got in a conversation and shared with her concerning Phil 1:12-16. It was a glorious time. She told me she had been at two ER’S the night before and was supposed to be in another part of the country at that moment we spoke. I had just got out of the house in a rear occasion after months and months and together two “sick” people sat and talked about Him. I shared with her concerning His Providence, how He circumstances events, circumstances, people to meet a need to His end. I shared with her, the word “appointed.” Paul in difficult circumstances writes and tells the believers his circumstances are not an accident an oops but “appointment.” The word means “set.”

It was a military word used for soldiers who were strategically placed.

Paul’s circumstances were not the displeasure of God but he was in the will of God and he wrote, “Brothers, I want you to know my circumstances have worked out to advance the Gospel.”- Phil 1:12.

How did he advance the Gospel from been in prison? V 13 He EVANGELIZED- the praetorian guard . V 14- He ENCOURAGED the brethren to speak the WORD OF GOD boldly without fear. And this they did BECAUSE of his being with them. His presence strengthened them. Your presence can strengthen others because of you bring in the the circumstances you ate with them in ! Your circumstances may seem mundane but look at them this way. If He does not move you then, His divine appointment strategically placing you where you are so you may further the Gospel through 1.- PRAYER,(1:3-5;9-11) 2.- EVANGELIZING the lost with the Glorious Gospel and 3.- ENCOURAGING the Lord’s people to speak the Word of God without fear !

Your circumstances are opportunities to advance the Gospel! You are “appointed,” Strategically placed by Him for Him to benefit others and point them towards Him!

After time with that lady I then sat in a chair and the lady who cut my hair I got to share the Gospel with her. In His kindness He gave me opportunities to evangelize and encourage through my circumstances and He is constantly affording us opportunities to do so. Pray for opportunities and watch Him give you favor to do so.

Have you ever looked at your circumstances as Being placed there by Him for His purposes. It can elevate the most “mundane” and transcend it to an eternal assignment where you are strategically placed by Him! You are “APPOINTED!” By God Himself at the post He has designated bringing people in and out of your life and opportunities. Pray for favor!

I’m thankful for His kindness , His strength, His favor to get me up and out and to use my circumstance as opportunities.

A good prayer is to ask Him to help us in our mindset to seek and be able to say, “Brothers, I want you to know my circumstances have worked out to advance the Gospel.., I am appointed for the defense of the Gospel.” My pain is coming back. But for a brief time today I had “relief” and little did I know He was arranging circumstances, events, people to meet with and share with them of Him. “Appointed” – what a wonderful word. A soldier at his post. Strategically placed there with purpose.

Paul saw his circumstances as strategically placed by Him for the advancement of His Gospel!

You are “APPOINTED” Your circumstances are opportunities to advance the Gospel through evangelism and encouragement!

Be encouraged ! (Tomorrow I see a surgeon… Another. “appointment.”Pray for me to have favor …. Thanks)