…To Lovingly serve others “…Ourselves your servants for Jesus sake” -{2 Cor 4:5}… through Evangelizing– {Phil 1:13} or Encouraging God’s people “…to speak the Word of God..,” -{Phil 1:14; Hebrews 3:13}…:).

Paul in prison had prayed and reached out to the believers and said, “Brothers and sisters I want you to know my Circumstances are working out to further the Gospel.”– {Read Philippians 1:12}- good verse to memorize and meditate upon and apply by the Grace of God.

He wasn’t waiting for a change in his circumstances, but in his circumstances, because he had been changed and was being changed, wanted to see others changed for Jesus through evangelizing them and also encouraging the believers to speak not the politics of the day, for though that can bring temporal change it cannot bring eternal change and so he wanted the believers “…to speak the Word of GOD without fear.” -{Philippians 1:14}. And here is a beautiful truth, this they did, “MOST” of them though not all the verse says, Phil 1:14,. and the reason why they reached out and spoke: “…the Word of God without fear?” “… BECAUSE of MY imprisonment.”

People’s need is NOT Political it is Spiritual…. and God has chosen THE WORD OF GOD by His Spirit to meet the need of the hearts of those whom HE HAS CREATED,…BE THEY LOST OR SAVED!

… And Paul being in prison gave them the courage to speak out.

Never underestimate your presence to encourage someone else to speak up and share the Word of the Living God and encourage others!

In the circumstances, you find yourself in today, lovingly serve others for Jesus’ sake, looking and taking advantage to prayerfully evangelize and or encourage God’s people to speak forth the Word of the Living God.

Wherever you are and whoever you are with is your Pulpit to evangelize or Encourage.

God Bless.