Imagine if….The Gospel of Jesus Christ was true ?

We would be in awe of Him

We would give Sacrificially for others to tell of Him to others

We would be so so excited to tell others of Him… But if only it were true… How could it be? Since we are more in awe of sports, Economics, political parties, academics, etc and though nothing necessarily wrong with them in and of themselves yet they take priority over Him.

We barely speak of Him to others

We see no need to Sacrificially give that the Gospel would go with others where we ourselves cannot go

Many years ago a man who had once been near dying told me when he retired he would like to do what I did for a “hobby!”

Just imagine if the Gospel of Jesus Christ was the greatest news on the planet and you had experienced its power and could be part of its furtherance what type of attitude, motivation and deeds do you think would consume you? If only the Gospel was true… For in reality it can’t be when we look at the master passions and pursuits and goals of our lives, surely at best it is a “hobby!”

It is to say with our life…

I am not in awe of Jesus

I don’t love to tell others of Him

I don’t give Sacrificially that others might hear of Jesus Christ…the Gospel cannot be true otherwise surely I would live differently many of us have to conclude.

If Only …

The Gospel is true! But we often live as though it is not!

Turn to the LORD. Ask The Lord to remind you of His sacrifice and read His Word to allow the Holy Spirit to strengthen you and He will. Jesus told the disciples to “pray to the LORD of the harvest, to compel laborers into the Harvest.” -{ Matthew 9:36-38}… and in chapter 10 verse 5 he sent the ones who had prayed out into His harvest. His harvest is the person next to you, in your home, school, job, the unemployment line, sitting next to you in a plane, in a hospital, fast food store. Wherever you re is His harvest… we often mistakenly think ..it’s always …over there… across and ocean, indeed it is but it is where you presently are now!