• His Goodness to consider
  • He gives strength to the weary-(Isaiah 40:31)… Even our weariness can be opportunity to experience Him and His provision.
  • His  gives “Sufficient Grace” moment by Moment grace – {2 Cor 12:9-10} …

So I bring the weariness and He imparts strength … He imparts empowering grace for the moment …that in my circumstances I can still look to Him, pray and reach out…He chooses our portion of His harvest He would have us co labor with Him in. I love Phil 1:16 where Paul said he was “appointed” which was used of a soldier who was strategically placed “set”- “assigned!” How beautiful and encouraging we are not victims of random but GOD is intimately involved in our lives, Paul wrote “I Paul the prisoner of Christ…”  and then he says why, “… FOR…. the Sake of YOU, Gentiles!”… He was on assignment in a prison! Confined, “shut in but not shut out!” and he was not waiting for his circumstances to change before he did reach out to evangelize or encourage God’s people.- {Phil 1:13,14}… he wrote to encourage the believers,”Brothers and sisters I want you to know, my circumstances have worked out to further the Gospel.” His perspective is amazing and God given, and God empowered. Phil 2:13 is an encouragement to me in recent days ” GOD IS at Work IN YOU both to desire and work…” WHY? “…FOR …His good pleasure.”

God is pleased to work IN Us… and with us… He always has purpose in His dealings… and to know He is Lord of OUR circumstances, and Lord OVER our circumstances and Lord IN our circumstances.