“Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation” -{Mark 16:15}


My little five year old boy son and his seven year old brother met with me one morning and we looked at the verse in Mark 16:15 which says “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.”

We followed the instructions in our study, and both boys drew a picture each of a window with a cross in the window, separating the window into four panes, we then took their drawings and walked to my bedroom window. I asked them to look out and tell me what did they see? They took turns and told me they saw, trees, cars and then they said they saw houses.

They listed people’s houses, “Who lives in those houses” I asked? They told me some names. With that we took the names of people’s homes we saw as we looked out the window and wrote the names of those people who lived there in the window they drew …and that each day they look at their drawing of a window and remind them to pray for the names of those who are in “their world”

Isn’t it interesting in Matthew 9:37 – when the Lord spoke of the harvest He told them to “PRAY…” The first thing He told them was to DO  was “PRAY.”  Why? Because it is in Prayer and communing with God on behalf of others we often get hearts for those people. In Matthew 10:5 the ones he told to pray are the ones He “SENT OUT” to “DELIVER THE MAIL.”

Who is in “your world?” at the office, garage, grocery store, school, at the toll booth, at the gym, at the ball park?  Think of the people who are in your world, your circumstances. These are all PEOPLE whom Christ died for and they are in your “world.”

Are you PRAYING for God to give you a heart to “SEE” through the window of your soul to those who are in your “world?” Are you Gods Mail Man, delivering His Saving Message? Or are you Delivering some other “Mail”… “Junk Mail!” That will have no bearing upon eternity … promoting and boasting about “Junk Mail”…Looking at awards or diplomas hanging on your wall, impressive yes to the world, but in light of eternity how is what you have learned helping and aiding in the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Perhaps you are frustrated because life is not going the way you want and you find yourself moaning, groaning and complaining about your circumstances rather than seen God has placed you there by Divine Appointment to DELIVER and DISPLAY THE MAIL {Eph 4:1 ; 1 Peter 3:15-16}

Consider JESUS what He said in Luke 24:27 to the two disciples who were so discouraged after the crucifixion of Jesus…He arose and appeared to them and opened their minds “so they could understand the Scriptures.” {Luke 24:47}
“And beginning with Moses and All the prophets, He explained to them what was said in ALL THE SCRIPTURES concerning HIMSELF.”
Dear Friend you are on a Divine Mission…to MAKE JESUS CHRIST known.

Consider PHILIP in Acts 8:26-40
Everywhere Philip went irrespective of his Location his VOCATION never changed listened to what God testifies of him in verse 40 :- “Philip…traveled about, preaching the Gospel in ALL THE TOWNS Until he reached Caesarea”

It has nothing to do with your Location but EVERYTHING to do with your VOCATION which is to Deliver the Mail and be Gods “Mail Man.”

Consider PETER what he said, in 1 Peter 2;9 – ” But you are… a people belonging to God, THAT YOU MAY DECLARE THE PRAISES OF HIM who called you out of darkness into HIS wonderful light.”

Consider PAUL– said, “For we do not preach ourselves BUT Jesus Christ as Lord…”

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Message which the world needs to hear and See, but sometimes we get so involved and entangled in the “affairs of this world” {2 Tim 2:4; Heb 12:1} – we forget there is a world to come! In Heaven you will never have the opportunity to DELIVER the Mail- Paul wrote to Timothy, “Here is a Trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance – Christ Jesus cane into the world to save sinners…” { 1Tim 1:15 }

Pray today for the opportunity to deliver the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ into the life of another, and watch God circumstance your route to be able to be His Mailman!!! 

In the Zip Code – God has placed you, Are you faithfully praying and delivering the Good News? In your school, job? neighborhood?

Pray for us to be faithful to opportunities and more to open up to be able to deliver the Good News which alone can set the captives free!!