1.- Jesus Gives reason for healing on the Sabbath- Pharisees give no reply.

  • OBSERVATION; The sourness, hatred towards Jesus, and lack of concern for a suffering soul were evidenced by the Pharisees who were more interested in the observance of a day than the pitiful condition of a hurting human…Lovelessness, Legalism. spiritual lawlessness preferred over love for the Savior and sick person -(v 1-6)

2.- Parable of Guests -(v7-10)

3.- Heavenly Principle;

A.- Exalt yourself and you will be Humbled.

B.- Humble yourself and you Will Be Exalted. -(v11)

4.- Inviting those to the banquet who cannot repay you. -(12-14)

5.- Invitation to Banquet and Excuses made of why they would not come. -(16-21).

OBSERVATION; The Invitation was not one of obligation by the one offering the banquet feast but one of grace towards those invited. They chose EXCUSES to reject the kind invitation to the banquet table. They PRIORITIZED something else of more importance.

  • People still make EXCUSES today to turn down the Gracious invitation of God through PRIORITIZING self and other things as more important than the invitation of God to dine at His table.

6.- Invitation to Banquet to those on highways and byways to those who cannot repay.-(21-24)

7.- Couny The Cost; The Cost Of Discipleship;

  • 3 Reasons Jesus Gives“You Cannot be My Disciple.” Regards Relationships; Family, self, cross-bearing, possessions.-(v 27, 27,33)

8.- “Salt” is for Influence.- flavor and preservation. A believer who loses it loses influence. – (v34-35)

Hope this will encourage you as you walk through Luke 14 looking at His Love and the cost of following Him and also the Rejection of Him through flimsy excuses.

  • Here are A Few Good Questions to get someone to think could be to ask “What EXCUSE Do you want to be Remembered by after you die so we can remember what it was that you traded your soul for? 

  • OR

  • What Is The One-Word EXCUSE To Put On Your Headstone So Others Could See Why You Rejected Jesus Christ? 

  • So that…

  • We can tell others, warn others “Here is  the EXCUSE they used to Reject the Invitation of Jesus Christ to dine at His table?” 

  • How Should we Remember you? The One who Received the invitation and came or the one who rejected the invitation?

God bless,