JULY 23 2018

Struggling today with my breathing and weakness- took a couple of hours to try get up and dressed… Weeks of difficulties with breathing, breathing treatments daily to try give relief and help airwaves… The simple things are no longer simple… Things once taken for granted now are a labor… Trying to get to Dr.s appointment for blood work, which includes the difficulty and pain of finding a vein… then a second appointment several hours later… to go see a specialist in another city… exhausted already… but a new day and reminded “as your day SO shall your strength be.” Whatever He has for us today there will be strength for that.. Tomorrow I begin a new round of IV Treatments over the next two weeks…so painful, debilitating, not looking forward to them, this will be the fifteenth month, of six- eight hour daily treatments… But this is part of walking with Him through it. Whatever your day is He is with you, He is your strength, His grace is sufficient, He loves you…He hears your prayers, He still is the God of ALL Comfort who comforts us SO THAT WE WILL BE ABLE to comfort others…There are no cliches that can comfort but His Word can and does,”This is my comfort in my affliction Your Word refreshes my soul”-{Read 2 Cor 1;3-4; Psalm 119:50}

And maybe today there will be an opportunity as Paul said, “I have been appointed for the defense of The Gospel.” {Phil 1:16} “appointed” the word means “set,” was used of soldiers who were STRATEGICALLY placed with a specific assignment… He was not in his circumstances by chance but by Christ… and to make known His glorious Gospel….. maybe today He will afford me such opportunities

“Leaning on the Everlasting Arms…”- 🙂
Have a great day, The BEST IS YET TO COME