“I don’t Believe In Hell!”

Imagine me standing speaking at a church and looking out over the congregation and saying that. Those who know me later on may gather and murmur and complain quietly after the service in the auditorium or the foyer about me, indignant and say that I have denied the faith. I know this, they would not invite me back!

But what if I then said from the pulpit “You don’t believe in Hell!” That may cause silence, or shock…and I went on to explain why.

Because if you did you would not want anyone to go there and would be sharing with people how to avoid it, the sacrificial love of Christ to make a way not only how to avoid it but to be with Him and worship Him who loved us onto death. Sacrificial death. His amazing love for us! So, the fact you don’t share perhaps, is because you either don’t believe or you don’t care, or you have been diverted from His business caught up living for this world’s business instead! The evidence? You don’t share Christ! So, is it we really don’t believe or we don’t care? Just thinking out loud….