“For I delivered to you as of FIRST IMPORTANCE what I also received, that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures,…” {1 Cor 15:1-4}


I  met a man at a conference I was speaking at,  and one day while walking he shared with me his story how he had nearly died through illness and how  his message now was that he told people too slow down and smell the roses. And then he said something I have never forgot, “When I retire I would like to do what you do as a Hobby!”  “A Hobby!!!” Something to get around to when we have time, something to do on the side.  Did that man say what is true in your life, my life, that the Gospel is a secondary issue like a “hobby,”  something that is “part time,” recreational,” but definitely not paramount! The Gospel was no hobby to Paul indeed it was of “First Importance.”

“FIRST IMPORTANCE,” Paul delivered it as PRIORITY upon his meeting these people that they may know Jesus died for their sins and was buried and was raised again for their justification, “He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification.”-{Rom 4:25}….

When you meet someone what is it that is of “FIRST IMPORTANCE ” to you that they may know? Often when people are been introduced to each other, one of the first question asked is “What do you do?” That what is of “FIRST IMPORTANCE” to them… not with Paul, his concern was their soul and that they HEAR the GOOD NEWS of The GOSPEL!

When you meet someone what is of “FIRST IMPORTANCE” to you? To Paul it was the URGENCY of The Gospel, that they may hear from Him! Look again at the verse and note “I Delivered to you…” what was it he delivered? the message of The Gospel of Jesus Christ… and what was his attitude to delivering it? “…of FIRST IMPORTANCE…” It was paramount to him, for Jesus Christ  was their greatest need, and He is worthy of all their worship and love! The URGENCY of The Gospel is manifested in what we deliver and whether or not it is of First Importance to us!

Many years ago I was in another city and driving some back roads to pick up some food for my wife and children who were sick at home. I was driving slowly through a street when something caught my eye to the left of me, I was driving slow enough and as I slowed down I saw a woman,an elderly woman laying in a ditch by the side of the road on front of a house! I could have reasoned, “my wife is sick, my kids are sick, I need to get them food and get back to them And I will pray someone comes to help that lady!’ If I had done that and people found out they would have been outraged, and rightly so. I chose to stop the van jump out and go to her side, she could not get out of the ditch herself, as I got down beside her to help,  with that I saw some people at the house called for help and lifted her out of the ditch. People are laying in “the ditch” of sin and we pass by daily often “justifying,” why we cannot help others by Delivering the Gospel to others and so we “drive by!” The Gospel is not of “First Importance” to us , for He is not of “First Importance” nor His Business!


I was looking at some information of approximate number of births a day and DEATHS. On an average day it said 150,000 people DIE A DAY…They enter into eternity… and how many of those without Christ?

Are you more interested what people do than where they are going, and who they are worshiping? Is the Gospel a “Hobby” to you or of “First Importance” when you meet people?