THE SUPREME COURT’S rulings have for some Eclipsed the SUPREME ONE, but we must remember, THERE is ONE Eternal Supreme Court where sits the SUPREME ONE, and He reigns! OUR EYES OF FAITH ARE TO BE ON “THE SUPREME ONE!”

“Do you not know? Have you not heard? Has it not been declared to you from the beginning? Have you not understood from the foundations of the earth? It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers, Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain And spreads them out like a tent to dwell in. He it is who reduces rulers to nothing, Who makes the judges of the earth meaningless.…” – {Isaiah 40:21-23}

His rulings have not changed. He is unchanging and He calls us to love Him and love others. His ruling is that we share His glorious Gospel of Hope which is the power of God unto salvation. The lost are still “lost.” Without God and the Hope that is found in the LORD Jesus Christ.-{Read 1 Timothy 1:1}. The “lost” behave as they are – “lost,” unGodly goals, lawlessness abounding in sin and its various aspects, why should we be surprised? We can have culturally refined lost and we can have ill-mannered, anti-social lost but they are both LOST, spiritually dead in their sins, under te authority of the devil, deceived, dead in their sins, -{Read Ephesians 2:1-2}! And we are to love them pray for them, and share with them, the GLORIOUS GOSPEL of our LORD Jesus Christ.

  • What matters if the whole political system changes, are we so shallow that our number one concern, for some of us, if we are honest is for our own welfare and we FORGET we are here at the COMMISSION Of the SUPREME ONE, WHO SITS UPON HIS THRONE. Our mission does not change. Love Him, Love others, and share His message, “REPENTANCE for the forgiveness of sins.’ In 1 Tim 2:1-3 Paul tells the young pastor that the PRIORITY for the church where he pastored was “FIRST OF ALL”- Not first as in a list but “FIRST ” in priority, “…I want the men to pray!” He goes on to use 4 different words WHY Pray for the lost? They are tragically deceived and without hope and without God and most tragic is they do not worship Him. So the Supreme Court of Heaven gives us our mandate to “PRAY {Beseech } to the LORD of the HARVEST TO COMPEL {THROW OUT} LABORERS INTO His HARVEST…” -{Matt 9:}


The SUPREME ONE, who is Lord of both Heaven and earth, tells us that as the PRIORITY we are to Pray for their souls 1 Timothy 2:1-3… Why is the church to continue “Praying… for the Lost?” {- 4 words in the verse that show us – “The nature of Evangelistic Praying”}


  1. –… they lack salvation- {Supplications}. The word means “to lack”
  2. – … God is worthy of their worship- AND THEY ARE NOT WORSHIPING HIM { Prayer’s }- the word speaks of worship.
  3. –… we can…come before God on their behalf – {Intercessions}
  4. – …God is able to save them. GOD loves them. -{Thanksgivings}

Paul goes on to say to pray for those in AUTHORITY. At the time there was wickedness in authority, yet, he calls them to pray for them. They were responsible before the SUPREME COURT of heaven to pray for these lost souls who were in earthly authority, who if the LORD withdrew their breath would drop into a Christ-less eternity. But Look again- at number 2, in the above list . The word used for “prayers” speaks of adoration, WORSHIP- The ascribing, giving worth to Someone Supremely.


One reason we pray for the lost, which includes those in authority is that Jesus Christ, the SUPREME ONE is Worthy of their worship and He is not receiving it because they are incapable because they “lack the ability to,” so we PRAY to the SUPREME One, we intercede for them, for those in authority…for their souls to be delivered from the “evil one in whom they are held captive to do his will” Paul wrote in 2 Tim 2:24-26. The lost are in spiritual bondage, Paul says they are “held captive by the devil to do his will.” It is spiritual bondage. PRAYER is a spiritual WEAPON to be used by the people of God, Paul says in Ephesians 6.


Paul goes on to say we pray so that we may have a peaceful and quiet life. Let us not mistake that as a life of ease for His people for ease’s sake, comfort for comfort’s sake and live this life here as if this is our home and we fall into the trap, beguiled by the system of this world who prioritizes life as though God does not exist or if He does is of no significance and so they order a system and prioritize what success looks like to them. They promote a system that has many tentacles that suit, everyone, indeed they say that everyone is free, for the most part, to do what is right in their own eyes. They promote all kinds of criteria for being successful…and we are often guilty of falling into the lull of the deception of gauging our lives on what we earn, where we live, what title we have, education, athleticism… and the list goes on and there is nothing about the LORD JESUS and HIS Mandate for us to Go into all the world and preach the Gospel and as we go to “make disciples.” Go and as we are going in our daily doing to be alert to Kingdom business. But we at times forget we are a people on a mission to make known the SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST- THE HOPE OF THE WORLD!-{Reas Matt 1:21; 1 Timothy 1:1}. Paul tells them to pray for the lost including those in authority, and the quiet and peaceful life is toward a HEAVENLY PURPOSE End- That, in the context, speaks of… for the Sake of the GOSPEL… TO BE ABLE TO KEEP GOING FORWARD, UNHINDERED…

THE SUPREME ONE- LORD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH- HAS SPOKEN…. we need not awake to wonder if it has changed. Forever and a day, wherever you may be…. for THE follower of Christ’s mandate has not changed…



PRAY FOR THE LOST -{1 Tim 2:1-3; Matt 9:36}



Are you praying for those in authority or spending more time complaining? Which does Heaven where the SUPREME ONE SITS, hear you do most? Does He hear us complaining more or praying more for he lost souls?

It is not only a command to pray for those in authority it is an attitude of faith. We pray because HE GIFT’S us the privilege to stand before Him interceding on behalf of others, who are hopelessly lost without God. It cost Jesus Christ His life for us to have such access and privilege. Prayer is not an assignment ticked off in some box that the Christian does as part of the “club,” Prayer is a privilege. Prayer is speaking to God and in 1 Timothy 2:1-3- interceding before Him for people who have no ability to save themselves, and we desire Him to be worshiped by them because He is worthy. And so Prayer is an Attitude and Act of faith.

Prayerlessness is a declaration of unbelief!

It is to say I refuse to believe and act on what God says.

The Supreme One has given us His mandate which includes praying for the lost which includes those in authority who are lost. Are you praying for their souls?

WE ARE TO BE DELIBERATE...In our Intent… THAT everyone we meet, and all those in authority are all candidates for our praying and sharing the Good News with them! Whether sitting in an airport watching people walk by, picking someone out, and praying for them as you quietly sit there. At the check out at your local store, as you notice perhaps the same person there and you begin to build a relationship with them to find out if they are “In Christ” or “In Adam”{lost}, In the factory you work at, can you pray for those around you. In the school you attend, are you praying for those around you? In the Doctors office, as you sit and wait, you can pray and even ask God for favor and share with someone be it doctor, nurse, or others. The Harvest is white- there is no shortage of people who are lost and dead in their sins and sinning- and yet we at times are most SHOCKED at the “lost” behaving as LOST PEOPLE! That’s how we behaved before HE INTERVENED AND AT TIMES we still behave like that and it is only the Grace of God that brings us back to the clarity of HIS WORD, HIS MANDATE and to be taken up with seeking as the priority of our living the KINGDOM Business.



HOW WOULD YOU HANDLE A PERSON of a particular persuasion opposite to yours? A person came to see me recently near midnight- and was sharing wonderful opportunities and one of his friends wanted to introduce him to a certain group with a political persuasion to see how he would do with them… I listened and then I shared there are only TWO types of groups in this world one is “IN CHRIST” and the other is ‘LOST”- It has nothing to do with their political view but it has EVERYTHING TO DO With our view that before us sits or stands a soul who is not a worshipper of the LORD Jesus and is lost and we share with them the Gospel, the good news, that Christ died for sinners and He arose as His Father accepted His sacrifice as sufficient and that God- the SUPREME ONE- Commands all men everywhere to repent toward Him and place their faith in Jesus Christ. The bottom line is where are they heading for in eternity. Where will they spend eternity?

Let us not withdraw into a “holy huddle- us four and no more,” but let us DELIGHT in the MERCY of God who caused us to be BORN again to a Living HOPE through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead-{1 Peter 1:3}- who has given us “everything we need to live Godly and precious and magnificent promises” to encourage us and let us PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, for the LOST. Let us PRAY, PRAY, RAY for those in authority. LET us BE CHRIST CONSCIOUS, GOSPEL CONSCIOUS PEOPLE and let it be said of you and me as it was said by GOD of DAVID when he died, “DAVID having served the PURPOSE OF GOD IN HIS GENERATION fell asleep.”

We can lament all we want, we can throw hissy fits all we want, we can withdraw all we want, and tragically miss the opportunity to serve “…the PURPOSES OF GOD ” in our generation, which is to love Him and make Him known…. to PRAY for the LOST…. and to graciously, compassionately PROCLAIM the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Paul uses the word, “Gospel” 7 times in Philippians and the wording used around it in one place was used of a soldier who was “strategically placed” there. Have you ever viewed your circumstances, life that God has strategically placed you there, be it a day, month, year …for the Gospel sake… Let me share with you, how this can work…

I am a sick, sick man, and have been and many an hour has been spent with medical people and by His grace He has given me opportunities to pray and share with them the Good News of Jesus. I share this because firstly I don’t like being sick or around medical people, to go to a hospital my prayer life increases, I just hate it. Yesterday a nurse was asking me questions and they were yes or no answers, she asked have you been in hospital in the last three months. I said,”No, I’m’ allergic to them:)”. But I share this also to say, that for me as yesterday as I was sitting having tests, I thought to myself, “this is the second person I have had a test with this morning and what a waste of time if I don’t share.” And God in His kindness allowed the conversation to begin and then turn to be able to share with her. And she was so receptive to what I Shared about the LORD. It is not my mandate to rescue , save , deliver them form the power of satan and sin, for I cannot but THE SUPREME ONE, His SUPREME WORD tells me His Gospel is the POWER OF GOD unto Salvation… I share this with you to show you, THAT for me, my circumstances have afforded me the opportunities to pray and share. This is my “medical mission field,” as someone jokingly said to me once.

Should Followers of Christ be involved in politics, absolutely, salt and light wherever the LORD affords us the privilege to continue to learn to Love Him, Love others, pray for the lost, and share the gospel with them. Every arena and any arena we find ourselves in is our sphere of influence for the Kingdom of God and His Love to be made known.


What, perhaps need to change, is mine and your attitude towards it. We need to live as aliens and strangers in this world, passing through on an assignment from the SUPREME One whose WORD never changes.






– {so wrote a dear friend to me}. The SUPREME ONE Sits Upon HIS Throne and He Rules and only His court is “THE SUPREME COURT” for only His court is ETERNAL! So for the follower, our privilege is to live for Him and reach out in love to the lost…whose “hope” is built on a sin-filled and sin-filled, faulty, rotten foundation. So let us be DILIGENT, INTENTIONAL and LOVINGLY about the MANDATE of the SUPREME ONE…love Him, Love others, PRAY for the lost and those in authority, and Share the Good News! People ultimately need … THE LORD!


  1. – Which one’s in authority can you stop and pray for at this moment that God, the SUPREME JUDGE, and SAVIOR would answer your prayers on their behalf and rescue them from the bondage of sin and released to serve and love the Lord their GOD with all of their heart, soul and mind.”
  2. – WHAT ABOUT TODAY YOU PLACING SPECIFIC names on a 3 by 5 card of the names of those in authority where you live, whatever country it may be… and place the 3 by 5 card where you can daily see such as on your bathroom mirror or by your bed so can be reminded to pray for their SOULS and those of their families of those in authority…. and that the Gospel be free to continue on throughout the land.

“Nothing that is eternal has changed.ur mandate has not changed. Let us seek to be about His Business…grateful in His immutability…and seeking the souls of people…

“My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness…On Christ The Solid Rock I stand all other grounds are sinking sands, all other grounds are sinking sand.”

God bless,