The Lord had seen the crowds and their true Spiritual condition. He had been going from village to village and His heart is moved, not by repulsion, indifference or callousness but with “compassion.” His heart went out to them. They were harassed and helpless- the word speaks of thrown down= they were dispirited. He looked on them with “compassion” for they were as sheep who had no Shepherd. Totally vulnerable, no safety, direction, lost. His heart went out to them His heart was one of “compassion” when He saw them. Compassion always ACTS. Sorrow may move a person’s emotions, compassion is to see a need, own it as your own and ACT to do something about it.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SORROW AND COMPASSION? In the days of old where horse’s were the primary means of getting from one place to another. A man on horseback in a small area in England had his horse go lame while traveling. A small crowd had gathered and watched as the horse had to be put down. Many people were moved and “felt sorry” for the poor man. One man take his old worn cap off, puts his hand in his pocket and placed some money in the cap and begins to pass it around, to help the man who was in need whose horse had to be put down.  While some looked on “feeling sorry. “It did not go beyond that. This man with the cap saw the need and ACTED upon it. No, he could not do it all by himself and so he gives others who were moved with compassion the opportunity to show it and become INVOLVED THROUGH identification. Feeling sorry may move the emotions, COMPASSION WILL MOVE THE WILL- and ACT… JESUS had compassion! As you look at Him where the word “compassion” is used of Him note He ACTS! Compassion always ACTS. Sorrow may move a person’s emotions, compassion is to see a need, own it as your own and ACT to do something about it. He was moved by what He saw.

He turns to His disciples and wants them to be

  1. INVOLVED… through
  2. UNDERSTANDING THE NEED- {the harvest is plentiful. Judgment is coming , The time is now. This is the moment of URGENCY} The Harvest is plentiful but the Laborers are few!
  3. INTERCEDING. {He commands them to PRAY!} So there will be no confusion,
  • He tells them whom to PRAY To-“The Lord of the Harvest.”
  • He tells them what to pray for” – PRAY TO the Lord of the HARVEST TO SEND FORTH{THROW OUT} LABORERS INTO His HARVEST.”


“PRAY EARNESTLY”- What does this mean? The one command is “pray earnestly.” It’s one word in the original; It has the idea of pleading for something.

He wants His disciples to plead for laborers to be thrown out- compelled into the Harvest where lost souls of people are, that they may like a harvest be “reaped” – brought into the Kingdom of God. It is a prayer of pleading in light of the urgency and in obedience to the Lord Jesus in what is necessary if the harvest is to be brought in to the glory of God!

We can all be INVOLVED with God; Through praying earnestly, whether confined to a sick be, shut in, living alone or with many. Indifference is sin! We can all pray. And pray SPECIFICALLY to the Lord of the harvest for laborers to be thrown out, compelled into His harvest. It is not Optional for you or me. It is a COMMAND! WE CAN CHOOSE TO OBEY OR DISOBEY…which is SIN!!

What does the Lord of the harvest say the need is? “Laborers.” Not the “lazy” not those who will talk about work nor those who would “lord” over others. But those who will labor for the sake of the Lord of the HARVEST! They know their assignment and they LABOR at it. 

  • Will you choose to be INVOLVED with the LORD of the Harvest? Do you UNDERSTAND the need of those around you and indeed far away?
  • WILL you INTERCEDE – Making this prayer, with God’s help a part of your daily living?

The time is short – the urgency of the harvest is upon each generation. THE NEED IS FOR PEOPLE WHO RECOGNIZE THE SPIRITUAL STATE OF PEOPLE= spiritually harassed, helpless thrown down in utter despair, like sheep without a shepherd… In desperate need,and you can be a co laborer with the Lord Jesus in meeting this need through IDENTIFYING WITH GOD…THROUGH INTERCESSION…In Matthew chapter 10 the ones He commands to pray…were the ones He sent out!

The phrase”SEND OUT,” means to “throw out.” To be “compelled”. No other option. I would love for God to take each of my five children and give them heart’s of understanding, involvement leading to Intercession and then THROW THEM OUT INTO HIS HARVEST AS LABORERS!  I Care not about their education as an end in itself, nor the opinion of others for them only that they may be about the “LORD OF THE HARVEST ” business.
“Dear Lord of the Harvest – make my children “LABORERS”…”THROW OUT ” MY CHILDREN into Your Harvest… FOR THE SAKE OF THE GOSPEL is my earnest prayer…“for the sake of the Name”- (3 John 7).

That people may turn from self, sin, to God in true repentance and faith in the LORD Jesus to rescue, deliver save them from the penalty of sin, the bondage of satan, the wrath of God. That they may worship God and love Him with all their hearts and Glorify Him who has created them to that end. – {Isaiah 43:7}



  1. MEMORIZE THIS passage; Start here today!.Put it on a 3 by five card. Place in your bathroom, wallet, purse, wherever you can see it. READ and RE-READ It. PRAY over it. Look at each word, phrase.Hide this in your heart and Look with heart’s of compassion ON PEOPLE who are without Christ. Look not on the occupation, education but on their true condition- sheep without a shepherd..harassed and helpless- and judgement is ahead for them.
  1. SHARE– with someone this week- this passage. Pass it on. LOOK FOR A PLACE to be where others PRAY FOR THE HARVEST. Ask a friend or more to meet with you to begin praying for the souls of men and that God would “throw out laborers in to His harvest”- whatever part of the world you are praying for… The URGENCY IS NOW!


“Where there is no vision of eternity, there is no prayer for the perishing.” -,{David Smithers}