Outside of Jesus Christ every life from an eternal spiritual perspective is an evil lust driven, ignorant, valueless, useless existence. It does not have any Spiritual significant use or benefit to the person or society or God’s Honor according to God’s Word. { Read 1 Peter 1;14,17-18 and notice the words “Lusts…Ignorance…Futile…}.
Imagine coming to the end of your days and having this final audit, summation of your life read out, that it was one of “lust” driven, “ignorant, futile,” valueless, useless” life!
The word can be used of the disguising of military personnel, equipment, and installations by painting or covering them to make them blend in with their surroundings. Sometimes hunters will do this, wearing clothing that blends in with the surroundings. The big thing is the blending in, so it looks like it’s surrounding and attracts no attention.
We can “camouflage” {really self deception,lying to ourselves and others} by trying to “BLEND” in, adopting the world’s, neighbors, teachers, school friends, work mates attitudes and values that “success” can be measured, in the arts, sports, academic, business world is that which gives us worth, prominence,identity, significance to our lives in the eyes of others. We can say our children are doing “great” at school, college, in their job but outside of Christ they are “LUST” driven, and that does not necessarily mean sexually as the word speaks of any evil strong desire, passion, and it can be the lust for power, pre-eminence,self-promotion, any evil passion to get what one wants by any means. They are “IGNORANT” in the one thing that counts Knowing God exclusively through Jesus Christ and their life from God’s perspective no matter what their “achievements, awards,” where they live. or what they drive is “FUTILE” the word means “valueless.” All accumulated together amounts to valueless! It’s like going to the bank and trying to cash in monopoly money for real cash, it’s valueless, useless, of no value. Yet we try and “camouflage” their true spiritual condition by substituting it with the standards of what the world says is “success!” Phew- we so deceive ourselves at times, “camouflaging” their true spiritual condition, with what is acceptable, lauded, praised by a system that is opposed to the Rule, Reign of the LORD, Jesus don’t we!
While at a funeral we often hear of what a “good” person the deceased was and we try and comfort ourselves, indeed “camouflaging” over the fact that Scripture is True and every life outside of Jesus Christ Peter is summed up as being characterized by a “LUST” Driven,”IGNORANT, FUTILE” life they lived which was of no eternal use or benefit while they lived. A Wasted life. Created by God but never bowing to the authority of God. Tragic. The most “successful” person at the end of his or her days without Christ will have this as their eternal epithet!…Solemn!
Time to Pray
And ask God to have mercy and save that the lives He has created would be freed to love and Honor Him-{Read 1 Timothy 2;1-3}
Time to Share The Gospel.
If the person who delivered your post or the netflix movie you wished to watch delivered on the same time frame you or I deliver the Gospel, how long would it take to receive mail or the movie. A week, month, year, years?
Time to Support The Gospel.
Those who go forth planting and sharing His truth we can pray for, financially support, write and communicate to words of hope and encouragement, go and help them
We have a Great Savior in whom we have access to. We have a Powerful SAVING Message.. We just need to readjust our THINKING, PRIORITIES, PERSPECTIVE and not live with “Camouflage” thinking, “blending” in and agreeing with the world that their system of lust, ignorance and futility is fine.
“Camouflage” thinking seeking to “blend” in is to compromise and is carelessness in concern for the souls of people and the honor and exalting of Jesus Christ!
Instead of PRETENDING EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS FINE, instead  we need to choose to be living and looking at life through the lens of His Word and applying His Word…And holding forth the truth, for the truth will set captives free!
“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.” -{Romans 12:2}.