April 14 2019

I asked the man pushing my wheelchair at the airport how his day was. He replied “Tough,” due to circumstances. I sympathized with him and 1 Peter 5;7 came to mind …

And using that verse as a framework, I told him what I try to do with such times. I speak to the Lord Jesus
WHAT I Do?-I cast my cares on Him 
WHY I do it? Because He cares for me
And as He cares for me He cared for him too !

Good time on way to airport. Taxi driver was watching a soccer game in his car before he started the journey so we got to talk about the game and then I got to share with Him about some ex players who had come to know the Lord… thankful for favor and opportunities now sitting here for my first of two flights three airports and three wheelchair uses To help get me home. Life can be a bit like this… there is a final destination to be with Him…but there is a journey with lots of turns and twists to get there….But enjoy the journey, because you never know who the Lord will give you Favor with to share about Him…who by His grace could be encouraged In the journey or who may turn and follow Him and the next time you see them will be around His Throne.
Those common events have divine purpose ... my needing a wheelchair was the opportunity to meet someone I never would have and designed by Him for Him afforded an opportunity. One plants another Waters. God gives the increase!

My pain is up and gets worse with flying …. these past few days have afforded opportunities on my  “medical missions,”

The best is yet to come!