After several weeks of really difficult pain, mostly in bed days, I awoke one morning this week to very little pain, I couldn’t believe it. So, I headed off to a medical appointment whereas up to the night before I was struggling from a biopsy and thinking of canceling as I was so so weak and bedridden, “But God….”

I made it to the facility, and as I sat there in the parking lot, I couldn’t remember 1 John 5:13 which I had been studying in bed this week, so I looked it up –

And then when I got out of the car in a beautiful sunny day and the sensation of little to no pain, I felt very very lightheaded so leaned against the car until it lifted and walked towards the doors and to my right I saw one of the men who parks cars, he asked how I was, and I told him not to good, “… but do you know what I read…?” and proceeded to tell him of 1 John 5:13 “ I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may KNOW that you have eternal life.” – Isn’t it wonderful you can KNOW, it’s not a “hope-so” but a certainty you can KNOW you are going to Heaven!”

His eyes widened. His smile got bigger and he let out a loud shout the word “KNOW” and I proceeded to share with him the certainty that one can “know” that they are going to Heaven! And we talked about the LORD…

And this dear brother again asked how I was doing, and I quoted the verse “outwardly decaying but inwardly being renewed,” and told him “I’m going in here and they are going to try help me physically, but I am going in here to tell them about Jesus!” and he gave a thumbs up and off I went.

When I got to the elevator a lady kindly held the door open for me and asked what floor I was going to and then asked “How are you?” With that I told her not too good “But do you know what I read…” and proceeded to share 1 John 5:13 and unbeknown to me another lady had got in and upon the first lady saying she couldn’t live without His Word the other lady out loud said likewise! So when we got to my floor and the doors opened I held back so an elderly gentleman could get in and he insisted… I get out first, so as I did I said praise the LORD and she responded and I said “I’m just going to tell people about Jesus!” And with a few laughs behind me as I left and the woman who had kindly held the door open was on the same floor and I walked with her and shared a little and she went one way and I the other.

And again as I walked in I got dizzy and had to stop and lean against a wall and with that a lady was passing by and asked how I was and I told her not too good “But do you know what I read?” and proceeded to share 1 John 5:13 to which she replied that a few nights earlier the storm was so bad that she was sure the rapture was a happening, I shared that it was the LORD putting Himself on display as Psalm 19:1 says “The heavens declare{SHOUT} the Glory of God….!”

I needed a little help to walk but got to see a dear nurse who has been so kind to me and for whom I pray for… that was a blessing…

Shortly after I had some blood work done by a kind nurse and she asked how I was and I said not too good, and the fact another nurse had to help me walk t her probably gave it away:{ But she asked how I was and I told her “not too good But do you know what I read…” and shared 1 John 5:13 and how exciting you can “Know ” for certain you are going to Heaven….

From there I went down a couple of floors for some x-rays and while there I got to chat with a person and they told me how in winter time they suffer from depression… I was able to share of David when he too went through a bout of depression and said, “When my heart is overwhelmed {literally covered in darkness} lead me to the rock that is higher than I. ” How he turned to the LORD to lift him up and out of it…. from there some x-rays and to speak with one person in particular…

I made it downstairs to the front entrance and by this stage I was a little lightheaded, so stood by where the Valet people are and one man asked if I was ok,, told him I was “But do you know what I read…” and shared 1 John 5:13… and there were several people there.. who heard…

And the man who originally I met going in asked how it went and I told Him I got to share with several people about the LORD Jesus! And he responded with a big smile and thumbs up… I made it to the car and drove home in the sunshine, and joy in my heart as His kindness to me in giving me opportunities favor and gentle boldness to share His Word that will not return void!

Later on, I thought about the opportunities I had and thought …my sickness was an opportunity to share,

  • Your circumstances are your opportunity to share Him!
  • God help us all to see our circumstances as Paul did from prison when he wrote, “Now I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that what has happened to me has actually served to advance the gospel.”-{Philippians 1:12}

The LORD will give you opportunities… and it can be as simple when someone asks “How are you?” You can respond and then say something such as “Do you know what I read…” or “Do you what I have been thinking of …” And sow a seed of His Word and trust the Holy Spirit to bring to that person’s mind and meet them…For long after we have departed the Spirit of God can bring back to remembrance what has been said!

Here is a word of encouragement. I had been laying in bed for days sick, in pain, but comforted by His Word and in particular as I was studying 1 John 5:13… and as I sat in the car that morning I could not remember the verse so looked it up and what I read was the verse the LORD helped me to share. What you read is not just for you but for you to share with OTHERS. Ezra 7:10 shows three reasons Ezra got into the Scriptures the third being to share with others and in Nehemiah 8 when the people were turning to God they wanted someone to help explain the Scriptures and who stepped up, but Ezra… your reading, and studying is not just for you but can be for you to share with OTHERS

WHAT you Read, or Hear… Go share my friends… He is worth it:).

God bless