1. – “PROCLAIM GOOD NEWS TO THE POOR”– it is “spiritual poverty” that is in mind here. The Greek word, “poor,” is “ptochos, “it comes from a verb that means “to cringe” “to shrink back,” or “to cower.” It is used of a beggar, cringing in the shadows. In Classical Greek, it was used for a person who was totally destitute, who was crouched in a corner, begging, in need of someone outside of themselves to meet their need! It was used by a beggar who would put one hand over his face to cover himself from being recognized due to the shame he felt and with the other hand held out for help! This person is totally destitute, totally bankrupt, dependent on others to meet their need, at their mercy. The LORD Jesus came to proclaim good news to the spiritually bankrupt and spiritually impoverished. Having no means within them to be right with God. Totally bankrupt spiritually, we all are, and He has come to proclaim good news for our spiritual poverty!

2. – “PROCLAIM FREEDOM FOR THE PRISONERS”- To those who are spiritually imprisoned, shackled, mastered by sin, under the dominion of darkness, satan. The word “Freedom, or as some translations use”release” is to proclaim release, “aphesis,” and the word “aphes is translated,” “release” really has the idea of forgiveness. People were put in prison because they had committed some offense and were been punished for it. Here Jesus is speaking of spiritual prisoners who are in bondage to guilt, shame, sin, and the consequences, waiting to be executed. They are incapable of freeing themselves! No human can free them. Their condition is impossible outside of Jesus! These are captives, “aichmalotos,” which literally means prisoners. It was used to speak of “prisoners of war.” Enslaved and in many cases unaware, unable to free themselves or to be freed by any other outside of the LORD Jesus! Jesus came to liberate them!

3. – “RECOVERY OF SIGHT TO THE BLIND”- To those who are spiritually blind to God, the things of God, whose senses are darkened, depraved, who cannot understand the spiritual realities about God and the things of God. Hopelessly blind. They cannot see the glory of God apart from God granting spiritual sight through THE LORD JESUS.  Jesus is God’s gift to open the eyes of the blind and impart spiritual life and sight!

4. – “TO SET THE OPPRESSED FREE.”– The word means, “shattered,” or “broken in pieces.” Lives that are shattered, broken lives, for these HE CAME Those who are under the tyranny of satan, sin, “oppressed” by sin. Oppressed by the burdens of the religious of the day putting laws on them they could never keep and the utter devastation of lives as a result. They were without liberty and hope,- He came for these ones. Shattered lives, people who are broken by sin. Jesus came to liberate and make them whole spiritually!

5. – “TO PROCLAIM THE YEAR OF JUBILEE” – Once every fifty years- a trumpet would sound and those who were in debt had it wiped clean, those who were in slavery were released and could return to their families. Lands were restored to their original owners. Pardoned! – {Read Lev 25:10,13}. JESUS not only came to proclaim the Good news, but JESUS IS also THE GOOD NEWS. JESUS is the JUBILEE for the spiritually bankrupt, prisoners, blind and oppressed!

Spiritual Freedom is found in a Person not an Event!

JESUS CAME at great cost to Himself, motivated by love for His Father and the souls of people- and JUBILEE -LIBERTY, TRUE FREEDOM is now found in a PERSON not an event, BUT IN CHRIST THE LORD-THIS MOMENT!