Job never knew “why? And no one else around  him knew “why?  either! There is something in all of us that wants to know “why” or to be able to tell other people the answer to their why’s. We just seem unable to let things go and not somehow mentally have them wrapped up in a nice package where we understand  “why!” We hate to not know!  But there are times God does not reveal why… he only asks us to trust Him. Take Him at His Word…trust Him in the darkness, trust Him in the low valleys, knowing  underneath you when you feel in a free fall emotionally is the arms of everlasting love. Trust He is near, when you “feel” He is no where to be seen!

 A lesson in faith is often learned in trials and  pain, and don’t feel you have yo be able to  explain “why” or to be the one to tell someone else who is going through something difficult “why.” The reality is we may not know “why?” and we must resist from trying to satisfy our own minds at the expense of a hurting  brother or sister who just need you to weep with them and show some understanding and silence on the matter. Oh to be such a friend and to have such friends.  Someone who does not think they have to “fix it.”

  You and I  may be just as Jobs friends – not helping but hurting to the one who is in pain. Jobs friends did well until they opened their mouths…hmm I wonder if there is a lesson there.

   At times  we may be left with the unanswered why– we may never know but we do know, in the midst under neath are the everlasting arms of Love. Let your tired and weary mind nestle in the comfort of His love for you in the midst of your pain these soothing words from on High, “The eternal God is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.”  Deuteronomy 33:27

  You are Greatly loved by God.- { Ephesians 2:4}  

    You are Continually loved by God – {Rev 1:5} 

        You are The Beloved of God – {Rom 1:7}

 I know what it is to go through the Unanswered Why, and I do know what it is to be a recipient of the love of Christ through His people…I have been blessed through my pain…

 What do the mourning, despairing , the overwhelmed,  the depressed have in common? They are all candidates for the comfort of God! – Isaiah 61:2;  2 Cor 1:3-4;  2 Cor 7:6. ;  2 Cor 12:9