Today I have been studying , meditating on Paul’s word in Romans 5:3 ” We rejoice in our tribulations…. KNOWING that sufferings,”basically is translated as something that causes distress… “great pressures brings about… endurance…” The word” knowing” got my attention and a reason to “rejoice… exult, boast,delight… joyfully confident… assurance in what He has revealed in His Word. Hopefully this will strengthen your faith and cause you to delight in what He continually wants you to beknowing.” No matter what the tribulation is… be knowing.

“Knowing,”- {eido}.  It is used 191 times in the New Testament. To perceive. To recognize and understand, To see. It is used of Jesus in Mark 2:10-11, “But so that you may know {eido} that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins”—He *said to the paralytic, “I say to you, get up, pick up your pallet and go home.”  They would “see” and know beyond a doubt of Jesus authority as He would grant him the ability to walk. They would see and know, His power in the physical realm is but a reflection of His power in the spiritual realm to forgive sins! The word “Knowing”- {eido}… means to have a clear perception of a fact! It suggest to have a fullness of knowledge that without doubt, rather than a progressive knowledge! You already possess it! “Knowing -{eido}… means “To be Fully Aware.” Think on that. God wants us, you and me and all His followers to be “Fully aware” of what is happening, what He is doing! How wonderful He is not having us play “hide and seek!” “FULLY AWARE!” Think on that, the certainty, the fact you know what God is doing, what He is producing in the tribulations, sufferings, how reassuring. No, it does not ease the pain, heartache but in it you “know, fully aware” that you are not left alone, that these tribulations will not have the last word, that will be with God! And God has chosen to reveal it to you through His Word as He wants you to be fully aware, beyond doubt no need to guess, it is plain and simple revealed here in his Word, for you and me and all His! This word is in the “perfect tense” which means it was giving at some time in the past. When we were Justified by faith by God and continues on…{Romans 5:1} . It is a verb. This assurance is also used in Romans 8:28, “we know…”  We are ‘fully aware’ that God causes all things {including this present tribulation} to work together for good to those who love God and are the called…” We know this as His children… those outside of Christ do not.

We are “Fully aware” of the fact that what God says, it will and is happening in our tribulations. This is one reason of many to “rejoice,” to be joyfully confident, assured in Him! We can rejoice in suffering because we know God is bringing about something of value in us through our suffering!… Here is one reason to “rejoice,” which Paul gives for us in our troubles! I am “FULLY AWARE” of what God is doing we can say, based on His WORD. This knowing is the full knowledge, not progressive knowledge. We already possess it! 

He is producing, accomplishing something in our sufferings, namely, endurance, character, hope that does not disappoint and He is using these sufferings as a means to produce and develop them in our life and the love of God assures us this is so.-{Read Rom 5:3-5}. Our sufferings have eternal value! It does not mean it is not painful, but it does mean God is using even these to do something good and we are not ignorant but we are those who by His grace through His Word are “FULLY AWARE.”  

In a world of uncertainty it is nice to know with certainty what God is doing in our sufferings!

This encouraged my heart greatly today and I pray it does for you also.