“In This you greatly Rejoice…”- 1 Peter 1;6-9.

Peter is writing to believers who are encountering distressful trials, suffering, slandered, and gives them a reason to rejoice in the Future Hope of an eternally secured inheritance{v 3-5} and in v 6-9 of – Understanding God’s Purposes in their distress’s, working them all for good! Beginning with your thumb working to the little finger on one hand… as a way to remember these 5 truths and to talk yourself through troubles and also to be able to help others in their troubles so they too can “In This you greatly rejoice” because they KNOW…


1.  TEMPORAL – “brief, short”- in light of eternity, even though the trial lasts a lifetime…there is a limit to them! There is a limitation and an end to them! They are temporal, not eternal! -{v6}

2. DIFFERENT TYPES -“Various’- not just one type. The word is used twice In NT to speak of trials.. and also in 4:10, “Grace…” whatever the type of trial there is Sufficient GRACE  to empower and meet you in the trial or difficulty. You never encounter a trial without accompanied grace to meet you! -{v6}

3. PAINFUL – The word, “Distress,” or “grievous” means “tearfully sorrowful…mental anguish.”– To deny or play down their pain would have been disingenuous, deceitful, and not reality. Peter’s use of the word shows how painful their experiences were! Suffering causes pain!  Don’t underplay the pain of a fellow saint! -{v6}

4. REVEALING – The word “Proving” means, “Genuine…approval.” Your “genuine” faith – is revealed…It is in the fiery trials that genuine, true, authentic faith is revealed. The fiery furnace of their trials revealed their faith and revealed that they were the real deal, followers of the LORD Jesus! And also we read that instead of the trials and suffering destroying them it develops them because it displays TO THEM that their faith is GENUINE! It is revealed to them as to you too, that your faith is genuine, saving faith. You are the REAL DEAL, this is what the fiery furnace has revealed about you. You have suffered and tempted to give up and at times perhaps you have thrown in the towel, and quit, but not for long. You have got back up and continued on following the LORD. And three pieces of evidence displayed that your faith is real are that you, like those whom Peter wrote to “… love Him, believe in Him, Rejoice in Him.” -{v7 -8}. It is not in a profession but in possession that true saving faith is revealed in the fiery flames of suffering, and trial!

5. PROFITABLE – Profitable…that your genuine faith may ultimately be,”…to the praise, glory, honor at the revealing of Christ” .., The books as it were will be opened and at the revealing of Him will be the time when the purposes and profits of the distress’s are fully manifested! And that He will reward you! Take the long-term view! -{v9}

“In This you Greatly Rejoice…” you are not ignorant but informed by Peter of…


“IN THIS you Greatly Rejoice…” -{v 6}.

  • John MacArthur explains that “Greatly rejoice (from agalliaō) is an intense, expressive term that means to be supremely and abundantly happy—a happiness that is not tentative nor based on circumstances or superficial feelings.”
  • Greatly Rejoice (agalliao from agan = much + hallomai = jump; gush, leap, spring up) means literally to “jump much”, “leap for joy”, skip and jump with happy excitement and so to be exceedingly joyful, overjoyed or exuberantly happy. The idea is this person shows their excessive, ecstatic joy by leaping and skipping. It describes jubilant exultation, a quality of joy that remains unhindered and unchanged by what happens. As discussed below in the NT, agalliao describes an exceeding joy (independent of dire circumstances) which is initiated and empowered by the Holy Spirit.”-{preceptaustin commentaries}.


  • Speak to yourself the truth.
    Hide v 6-9 in your heart for your own benefit but ALSO for the benefit of others. Maybe you could write the above 5 aspects mentioned in your Bible so you would have ready to remind yourself and aid in helping others in their time of fiery trials;
  • Be ready to share the hope within you with others
    Your trials in His hands are not purposeless
  • What are the five aspects?

Keep trusting …FOR  the LORD is for you and loves you and you are never on your own for HE HAS PROMISED Never to leave or abandon you!