Times of trouble can cause the heart to doubt, the evil one injecting those thoughts, or words of others, and unless we recognize and reject them through replacing them with the TRUTH OF THE WORD OF GOD… we will be rocked, emotionally and spiritually unstable. “ But God…” has given us and preserved His Word down through the generations all the way down to you and me. And in it He has given us this beautiful assurance of where He is in times of troubles. So we can know for certainty and assuredly and can confidently speak to ourselves to strengthen our faith this verse…

“I Will Be With Him In Trouble.”-(Ps 91:15).

What a powerful verse to meditate upon!

I was thinking on it today, Hope this will encourage you…

“I” who is the “I?”

“These first two verses of Psalm 91 use four wonderful titles or names for God:

  • Most High: Elyon.
  • Almighty: Shadday.
  • The LORD: Yahweh.
  • My God: Elohay.
  1. He is my refuge and my fortress: … God Himself becomes like a mighty refuge and fortress for the believer.”-{Gudzik}

The Great “I AM” the eternal One True God. Ever- present, Creator, Sustainer, Deliverer. “He is with me in my troubles,” the follower of Christ can say.


there is no hesitancy, no “maybe’s,” no uncertainty’s but certainty, assurance. The Great I Am. The One True God who effortlessly created and presently sustains the world by the power of His Word commits Himself to personally be with the one in trouble. “I Will…”


He does not withdraw, abandon, forget the one in trouble. He does not forget you. He will not abandon you. He is committed to you in times of trouble. It is not a matter of “feeling “ His presence but walking by faith in His Word that assures us He is with us in times of trouble. He has not gone off to tend to someone else as if He is restrained to bring with and helping more than one person in trouble at a time! Or is He unable to be with you because He is having to concentrate all His faculties in some foreign land. For He is God, no limitations in His power to deliver us from our troubles ( Read 2 Tim 4:17) or to Sustsin us in our troubles with His sufficient grace-( Read 2 Cor 12:9). And no

Matter who walks out He promises “I Will Be WITH Him In Trouble!”


The word “Trouble” used here is the Hebrew word “tsarah” and means “straits, distress. affliction anguish.”

I will be with him in trouble: “Again God speaks and acts like a tender-hearted mother towards a sickly child. When the child is in perfect health she can leave it in the hands of the nurse; but when it is sick she will attend it herself; she will say to the nurse, ‘You may attend a while to some other business, I will watch over the child myself.’” (Dawson, cited in Spurgeon)

To pause and meditate word for word on this sentence allowing the Spirit of God to strengthen you in your time of trouble as you KNOW with CERTAINTY based on the Word of the One True Eternal God that He has committed Himself to be with you in time of trouble… that should cause us to offer praise and thanksgiving to Him. And also cause our minds and heart to be at rest for He is present with us!


READ PSALM 91 and underline all the words used about God and what characteristics are listed concerning Him. Use them to strengthen your faith and reason to praise Him amidst your troubles!

God bless,