“He heals the brokenhearted
And binds up their wounds. {sorrows}. “- Psalm 147:3

“Praise the LORD,” it is a command, it is intentional. It is not optional based on how you “feel,” how your circumstance are but  commanded, it is a verb, to be continually repeated, as a new habit in  our life, for His people who are recipients of His grace! We can Praise Him because He works in us both to give us the desire and power to do what pleases Him, and “praise” pleases Him! -{Read Phil 2:13 nlt}

Psalm 147 begins with “Praise the LORD,” and speaks of reasons to praise Him, and it is not as though everything is “rosy”when it seems circumstances are to our liking, then we “feel” is the “appropriate time” to praise Him! In other words when “everything” is going our way, when circumstances are favorable, and we “feel ” then is “the appropriate time” to “Praise the LORD!” But we see praise is not dependent on circumstances but on who is worthy and the Psalmist tells us, the LORD is! The Psalmist shows us “Praising the LORD” is  appropriate for many different reasons including His healing of the broken-hearted and binding up of their wounds. “Broken-hearted” means “broken in pieces” and we see some reasons in this verse to Praise Him, not for the pain but what God does when we are in pain! There is never a hopeless case as long as God is on His Throne! I’m not hopeless and neither are you! Help is on the way!

The word “Binds” comes from the Hebrew word “chabash” which means “to tie, bind, to restrain, relieve, to bandage.” Figuratively it speaks of “Comforting the distressed.” The word “wounds,”{atstsebeth}, means “hurt, injury, pain.” The word refers to those who are afflicted with griefs, troubles. The word is reference to “mental sorrows,” a “troubled spirit.”

We may not hear much of the suffering of believers the “mental sorrows” they endure. No outward physical signs, but internal pain, internal mental sorrows,” of thoughts, that affect the person. Some turn to various things to try relieve the pain, we see it all around. Charlatans offering their “solutions,” when the only permanent solution is GOD HIMSELF, His Spirit, His Word, Prayer! And remember the Holy Spirit is praying for you in your weakness. – {Read Romans 8:26-27}. Your pain, sorrows are not un-noticed or uncared for by Him who LOVES you, is FOR you! -{Read Romans 8;31-39}

“Mental sorrows” are also referred to in 1 Peter 1:6 where the word “distress” is used and it means “Mental anguish, tearfully sorrowful.” and the solution is to THINK RIGHT on the Greatness of God and PRAISE HIM -{1 Peter 1:3} for His greatness and the Greatness of the Salvation He has provided them- {1 Peter 1:3-9}.

It takes faith…to praise Him when your mind is under pressure, doesn’t it. Faith Pleases Him- {Read Heb 11:6}. Faith Glorifies Him-{Read Rom 4:19-21}. Your cry of faith to Him, even when you can’t find words or have the strength, indeed a sigh is known by Him and interpreted by Him and “Help LORD,” can be a great expression of faith in Him!

Praise is His Prescription based on His Character,

…His Word, His Promises, His Great salvation He has provided for you. {Read Ephesians 1:3-14 who you are “In Christ,” Look up the phrases as you read “In Christ, in Him, In Whom.”}, is good medicine for a heart that is saddened. God undertakes to heal and impart peace of mind and heart-{Phil 4:6-7}. – He tenderly, wisely, lovingly, attentively, personally “BINDS Up our wounds,” by His Spirit, His Word, Promises, Providence!

For the “Wounded” of heart…Take Hope.

  1. Praise Him- He who was a Man of Sorrow, empathizes with you.
  2. Praise Him He knows about your pain
  3. Praise Him- He has the Desire to Heal your “wounds.”
  4. Praise Him- He Has the Power to Bind your wounds
  5. Praise Him- for the Promise, “He binds up their wounds!”
  6. Praise Him in Advance. Healing and binding is on its way.


“Binds up the wounded,” Figuratively it speaks of “Comforting the distressed,”

God comforts through His Word-{Psalm 119:50}

God comforts through Himself -{2 Cor 1:3}

God comforts through His People- {2 Cor 1:4;7:6}

God takes our crushing, comforts us and commissions us to go comfort those who are crushed with the same comfort with which He has comforted us with!{Read 2 Cor 1:4}. He takes our pain and comforts us so we can be those who comfort others in pain!


PRAY Psalm 147:3 for yourself, And “PRAISE THE LORD” for it!

PRAY it for someone who you know is hurting and who needs to have HIM “bind up, their wounds!”

Memorize, meditate on this verse..pray.. and Pray for opportunities to share This Verse.

Praise the LORD…Sing Praises to our GodHe heals the brokenhearted and BINDS up their WOUNDS!

“What a friend we have in Jesus
All our sins and griefs to bear
And what a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer.”-{Scriven/Converse}.

“He heals the brokenhearted
And binds up their wounds. {sorrows}. “- Psalm 147:3