“The Lord upholds ALL who fall and lifts up ALL who are bowed down.”- Psalm 145:14

 HOPE for the Fallen and Bowed down;

Hopelessness, despair are terrible things. To be under such pressures as to be bowed down can sap the energy and life out of you. People are human, we all know to a degree something of these emotions and feelings. Is there any hope? Do you know someone who is in this condition? Would you like to be in the place the LORD can use you to be a minister of comfort and hope to them? There will be times when you will have to remind yourself of  His ability and delight in meeting you in difficult situations by remembering Him from this verse.

This week’s memory verses is essential to HELP and offer HOPE to the wounded and hurting among us with this verse from the KING OF HOPE…

Summation; Psalm 147:14  is very encouraging… the chapter is about the KING and His Greatness, Goodness, Graciousness, and Glorious Kingdom and in v 14, it shows something of the Glorious Kingdom and His care for the fallen and those who are bowed down…How beautiful and tender He is…He is always upholding and lifting up…it is beautiful, as King he could show His power in destroying, ect., but it shows His tender care for those who are hurting and His compassion … and His Majesty for the lowly…so Other than us humans…with power we often end up corrupt, with Power He demonstrates care and compassion to the hurting.

For more indebth study;

Let’s have a closer look and be encouraged and look to worship Him for these mercies and encourage others with them.

 The word, “LORD” – speaks of…. {the Self Existent-Ex 3:15; Covenant Keeping- Deut 7:9; Unchanging-Mal 3:6, Sovereign-Isaiah 45; Provider- Gen 22:}

It is this One…who as the verb shows is continuously lifting up those who have fallen and those who are bowed down under the cares of life which also could include those times we feel shame, despair, perplexities, depression, trials of life and burdened.

He is continually actively involved all around us in our communities, homes, nations, continents and beyond where His people are in need of His help. He is gentle and tender, affectionate-, compassionate towards those who are in need and He who sits enthroned above all in need of nothing or no one to satisfy Himself, basking in the rightful worship of myriads in Heaven, He condescends to the sinful, miserable, hurting and broken and with tenderness, long-suffering again and again in love He is involved in the lives of those of us and those among us who need Him to do what we cannot do for ourselves.

 “The Lord upholdeth all that fall” – The word used here is a participle, literally, “The Lord sustaining;” that is, the Lord is a Sustainer or Upholder of all that fall.

 The allusion is to those who have no power to go of themselves; who would sink under the burdens of life if they were not supported. The idea is, that it is a characteristic of the Lord, that He does sustain such; that all such may confidently look to him to uphold them.

“And raiseth up all those that be bowed down “- The word here also is a participle: “he is lifting up;” that is, He is a lifter up. The reference is to those who are bent and bowed under the duties, the cares, the trials of life; who go bowed down under those burdens. God is able to strengthen them so that they can bear those burdens without being crushed under them. ” – Barnes

“The Lord upholdeth all that fall – נפלים nophelim, the falling, or those who are not able to keep their feet; the weak. He shores them up; He is their prop. No man falls through his own weakness merely; if he rely on God, the strongest foe cannot shake Him.”- Clarke

Verse 14. The LORD upholdeth all that fall, etc. It is noteworthy how the Psalmist proceeds to exhibit the mightiness of God’s kingdom, not by its power “to break in pieces and bruise”, like the iron legs of the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s vision ( Daniel 2:40 ), but by the King’s readiness to aid the weak. Even a heathen could see that this was the noblest use of power.

Verse 14. The LORD upholdeth all that fall, etc. sy[kn nophelim the falling, or those who are not able to keep their feet; the weak. He shores them up; he is their prop. No man falls through his own weakness merely; if he rely on God, the strongest foe cannot shake him. –Adam Clarke.

Verse 14. And raiseth up all those that be bowed down, incurvatos. Many who do not actually fall are reduced to distress that may be even more painful; for the struggling are greater sufferers than the actually passive. Men are bowed down physically by infirmity; mentally, by care; spiritually, by remorse; some are even crushed by all three burdens. For all such there is help in a Mighty One. But none can help themselves alone: none are raised but by supernatural interposition –– non nisi opitulante Domino. –Martin Geier.

If you have fallen or, are bowed down. Take heart, Take courage, Hope is on the way for He specializes not harshly or vindictively or frustratingly as we humans too often manifest with the weak, fallen and discouraged among us. He is not like so many of us. He is a tender Shepherd who loves His sheep, knows our wanderings and tendencies and again and again comes to our aid. He is the LORD- Self-Existent, Promise Keeping, Unchanging, Sovereign Provider who is our Hope. Indeed hope is found in Him. Hope is a Person. And you can be assured He will help you and meet you right where you are at.

The Scriptures are littered with examples from Adam and Eve to Noah, Abraham, David, Peter and more who at one time or another were fallen or bowed down.

Indeed failure or folly is not fatal or final in Christianity, for God is the God of all Hope {1 Peter 5:10} He specializes in restoring, upholding and lifting up our heads and hearts which are often laden down with cares, hurts, doubts, guilt and shame. He is able. He does uphold “ALL,” He does uplift “ALL” who are fallen or bowed down! You are no exception to His ability to do so.

 You are not so far gone, that He is unable, unwilling or uncaring to reject you. His love is greater than your folly, sin, shame, fears, discouragement, doubts. For He is the LORD majestic in Holiness, awesome in splendor, working wonders in whom nothing is too hard for Him who effortlessly spoke the world into existence and upholds it by the power of His Word.

He has loved you before He created the world, set His love upon you, not based on anything loveable in you or any potential you may be of use to Him. He loved you independent of all else but His own determination, “I have loved YOU with an everlasting love”

His cross the evidence of love so amazing, love so divine which demands our life our all. He is altogether different. He is all together lovely. He is higher than all, greater than all, His love knows no boundaries when it comes to your welfare. His eye is upon you, His ear attentive to your prayers { 1 Peter 3:12}. As the hymn writer penned it, “Amazing love How can it be that THOU my God should die for me.”


Hide this verse -Psalm 145:14 in your heart think about Him, His assurances and share with someone else that they too may think ARIGHT about Him and Worship Him the God of the falling and , bowed down. He knows our frame, and He is ALL Sufficient to meet us in our failings and needs.


Perhaps you know with someone who has fallen or bowed down. You can PRAY to Him who delights and DOES uphold, sustain, lift up, restore and keep “ALL” who fall, falling or bowed down.


Perhaps you could gently share the GOOD NEWS of the LORD’S Hope with them from this verse. Note the word “ALL” for sometimes when we have fallen or are bowed down our tendency can be to Doubt God, BELIEVE THE LIE- that we are beyond His care , have exhausted His patience towards us and He could no longer care or love us. Sound familiar? Point out the word “ALL” mentioned twice in this verse. There is none of His own who has fallen or bowed down that is excluded from His loving actions in this verse. He does not say “ALL” except you, or put the person’s name beside it all except_____ . Place the person’s name in place of “all” {Maybe you yourself need to hear Him say this to you }…personalize the verse and derive Hope from Him.

 Expose the lie with the TRUTH OF HIS WORD and KNOW that the HOLY SPIRIT will minister His HOPE into the heart of the hurting, the fallen, the bowed down. You be faithful, to PERSEVERE IN PRAYER, gently and lovingly share and know He is faithful to His Word and the two times “all” is mentioned include “all” whether it is yourself or someone else who has fallen or is bowed down and in need of encouragement and HOPE. Now HE is good news. He is our Hope today….Share Him -the “God of ALL Hope”-1 Peter 5:10


May He Himself the God of Hope encourage you today and cause your heart to bow before Him in gratitude and adoration for who He is- He is our Hope. Hope is found in a Person. In HIM Alone- there is HOPE for the fallen and bowed down. Take courage, receive His Hope, BELIEVE HIS WORD. Pray for those who need to experience His hope today. There …”IS”- PRESENT TENSE- HOPE for the fallen and bowed down- and is found in a PERSON- The LORD of HOPE.


Psalm 145 is written about “THE KING” and speaks of…

His Greatness,-v1-3;

His Goodness –v7;

His Graciousness, v 8-9;

His Glory- v11.

The Psalm begins with the choosing and ends with a call to all to Praise the King.

In v14 we see the greatness, graciousness, goodness and glory of The King in action specifically towards the fallen and bowed down!

The response is v 1 -”I will Praise my God, my KING– This is a reasonable response of one who is in submission and relation with Him, to praise Him for His graciousness expressed through upholding and uplifting continually the falling and bowed down. Choose to… PRAISE THE KING!

Are you, or have you ever been one of the falling, bowed down? Remember His help…Praise Him for His Hope


1.    Memorize this verse.Place on a  3 by 5 card and carry with you. Place on your mirror or by your bedside so you may see first thing and last thing at night. MEDITATE on the verse…word for word, phrase for phrase.

2.    PRAISE God and PRAY this verse. In your times of praying…. USE THIS VERSE, PERSONALIZE it in praising Hi for the times He has helped you when you have fallen or have been under the cares and pressures of life, when it all has seemed too much. PRAISE HIM and PRAY this for others, USE His Word and remind Him {this is for our benefit- not His} of How He is the sustainer and lifter up… and pray for friends and fellow believers you know. Put this Verse into PRAYER and PRAISE practice

3.    SHARE– The Hope of this verse with someone this week. Ask the LORD to  give you favour and share of Him the God of hope for the falling and those who are bowed down. The KING of Psalm 145 is a GREAT and GRACIOUS King!

Praise the King…there is HOPE for the fallen and bowed down. There IS -present tense -Hope for… you.. and me…Praise the KING.

Please feel free to pass on if you find this may encourage someone today. Hope in God!