March 15 2018

IV INFUSION UPDATE; Nurse was able to Get IV in a vein First time today…. I tried NEW IV today, The FIRST hour and a half I had no problem, Then I started having problems, we had to stop the treatments several times, pain increased, difficulty breathing… and more med’s to try counteract….I got through it but nurse said no more..,a few days off to recover and try again at slower rate of infusion rate maybe 7-9 hours to see if I can tolerate it at slower rate – Never a dull moment  “BUT GOD….” we had a wonderful conversation about repentance and the sufficiency of The Cross Of Christ- His Work alone in need of nothing outside of Him necessary for salvation…. as Paul wrote “Brothers and sisters I want you to KNOW, MY CIRCUMSTANCES are working out to further The Gospel:-{Phil 1:12}. He was “shut in ” but not “shut out “from opportunities to Evangelize – v 13 and Encourage the believers to “speak forth the WORD OF GOD without fear” and this they did he says, “…because of MY Imprisonment” His Circumstances Did not control him but were HIS OPPORTUNITIES to Reach Out to others!

If we believe God is in control, {And He is!} then that must include our circumstances. They may not be what we would choose- but He has chosen them for us and in them, to LOOK UP to Him in prayer {Phil 1:3-5, 9-11} and realize they are opportunities to REACH OUT TO OTHER PERSONS ON BEHALF of Him who has circumstanced our lives by bringing people into our circumstances! Healing is not the goal but HERALDING CHRIST in our lives Is!” Be ready to give an account of the Hope THAT IS Within you, do it with gentleness and respect” {1 Peter 3:15}

HAVE A LOOK around at the people in your circumstances and pray for favor and though “shut in” you are not “shut out ” from praying, Evangelizing, Encouraging… pray for me in my circumstances to avail of these opportunities, in what I call my “medical ministry “- For these are “my circumstances”🙂

Very, Very weak at the moment but Thankful