October 14 2016

“AS YOU HELP US BY YOUR PRAYERS. Then MANY will give THANKS {TO GOD} on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many”-{2 Cor 1:11}


PRAYING WITH EFFECT; You can be anywhere and have profound effect on others through your prayers and to such an extent… thanksgiving {which glorifies God}.I have had several days where I have had “vitality” first time in years. How wonderful, thrilling it has been, Imagine a scale and one end is lowered down with weight touching the table while the other part of the scale is tipped up high in the air. All of a sudden the scale begins to move the light side begins to move down and the heavy side that has lay for so long, top heavy, lifts until there is a movement towards the middle of equal weight, and so my pain has been elevated and the mental RELIEF has been wonderful as the severity of pain has lifted… and this for several days. The pain under control, thanks to the LORD giving wisdom to a Dr….simply living with it until some medical people observed and I understood my “NORM” is “ABNORM” but I have lived it with for years and it has become norm to me. I have only known pain, severe, debilitating increased or at times decreased pain but often debilitating pain that hinders me from functioning. One Dr said I had no quality of life … and wanted to work to get me so I could “function.”

The RELIEF has been wonderful, though it does not last a full day but to have TASTED that this is what really should be “Norm” has been a gigantic blessing and enabled me to go see two elderly saints in their seventies and nineties. And be able to enjoy the LORD as we speak of Him, and not have to leave because I feel the pain coming on, and I know I am in need of laying down.

Though since hospital the pain has changed where it no longer slowly increases but like someone turning on a light it is instantaneous. One nurse remarked to another, I seemed fine and then I went white in my face and the shaking from the pain was so great and her instructions do not fail to give him his meds on time! This has been my “norm” for so long and I was unaware it was not norm!

Nightly I awake after a few hours’ sleep sometimes from pain, and I can’t go back to sleep, it may be midnight, or 1:30 am

THE NEW MED’S TO HELP WITH DISEASES, which I am only to take sparingly to try help with the disease so high and dangerous ultimately long term to me, are causing side effects.

*** I am due at a major hospital in a few weeks if I can have strength to fly.

PLEASE PRAY, if it Pleases Him, I can get the exact tests I need while there, as there are some planned but I am told more could be done and need to be while I am there… and no break down, or confusion for those setting it up. Would you once again, “…HELP US BY YOUR PRAYERS?”… and may MANY GIVE THANKS TO HIM for the glorious FAVOR granted us in answers of prayers to MANY” – {2 Cor 1:11}….

Some hours of the past few days my pain under control and been able to speak with some, get outside and then the weakness, pain, kicks in and I know it is time to lay down. I have worked on several chapters on a book for my dear son, Evan until recently when bed bound with such debilitated pain. My “norm the abnormal.” I recently told a Dr. I desire to get this book done for him, to encourage him and to make and leave a memory for him end of the month, hand over for someone to proof read, and edit it and have it printed and gifted to him for Christmas, this is my prayer if it would please Him. [Psalm 135:6}. Would you pray I can do it?

One dear Dr met with me to help me know when to take the meds…to get me to be able to “function.” Simple things really, but the severity of chronic pain takes over and hard to think and plan…The best way to describe by one dr, Imagine driving you’re driving a vehicle and one light, your oil light comes on the dashboard, then the engine light lights up accompanied by a beep, then followed by the engine light until the whole dashboard is covered and lit up!!! So with the chronic debilitating pain, the overload, and how to help.

**So we will look to Him and use His means which is twofold;
My families need and
BUT LOOK at the end result, that it RESULTS in MANY THANKSGIVING offered to God for His answered prayers- AND Like the one leper who returned and Jesus said He GLORIFIED God by giving thanks so can we….

I THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for pausing and praying for…
1. RELIEF experienced for several parts of each recent days!
2. FAMILY Help in the area of our NEEDS
3 His ruling and overruling so I get the exact Dr who will help me and if need be I get the extra tests I need there as It will take so much out of me to fly there
4. HELP in my wife, perhaps helping me get there with pushing me in a wheel chair between airports. HELP US Pray for details and MORALE of the Family
6. HELP US To Have Favor to make His Name known should He grant favor…
7. HELP US for me to finish the book so I can make a memory with him that he will have to be able to read some day truths form my/our journey and His WORD.


Thank you to those who for years have persevered. Did you know Eph 3:13-21 a prayer for the “weary” is because the people were growing weary, losing heart because of the suffering Paul was undertaken, such was their living identification and Paul in turns prays Eph 3:13-21 a prayer for the weary, losing heart, those who were exhausted. So let me pray this for you as I send this and THANK YOU for HELPING US …WITH …YOUR PRAYERS…


What a wonderful verse. Paul conscious of his need, and the humility to seek help and confidence in the prayers of others whom God would raise up. His confidence that favor comes from the LORD in regards His choosing to answer prayers. Paul’s consciousness of personal need and his reaching out to others to ask for “HELP” come alongside to aid me please. He knew also God’s throne of grace is where Hebrews 4,says, is to come RECIEVE Mercy and grace to help in time of Need. {Heb 4}. The way it is written is “the needy one” is to come to receive help! And so Paul’s Need is someone else’s opportunity to come alongside and help with their prayers and in doing so express love!! And in the verse above at the start of the page, coming to receive His answers, as He sees fit!


What a great passage this is. Paul had suffered terribly, and God teaching them not to trust in themselves but Him, and hope in Him {- v 9-10}. Now Paul calls others to join in prayers for him. When we call others to prayer and God answers the many who pray are grateful and God is glorified when we give Him thanks. Our needs are opportunities to pray and call others for help and seeing Him meet and the “many” give Him thanks to the end which is- His glory!

Your needs are GIGANTIC Opportunities for others to pray to the end, as God chooses to answer many THANKS ARISE TO GOD… AND as a result HE IS GLORIFIED.

** YOU ASKING OTHERS TO PRAY FOR YOU is a marvelous gift, as it stimulates them to Pray and as they see Him answer they through thanksgiving GLORIFY GOD. ** Every time you get to pray is an opportunity to see Him and glorify Him as He answers!!! Prayer is a privilege!

** Problems are Opportunities for Prayer that Ultimately His answers result in PRAISE to God!

“As you also help us by your prayers for us. Then many people will thank God on our behalf because of the favor shown us through the prayers of many.”-{ISV}