The word “Suffering” refers to physical or mental distress. Romans 5:3  “Tribulations… suffering…”   “Thlipsis…carries the challenge of coping with the internal pressure of a tribulation, especially when feeling there is “no way of escape” (“hemmed in”).-{Helps Word studies}

1. God uses suffering to shape our character in the image of His Son.- {Rom 8:28-29}

2. Suffering tenderizes us to empathize with others-{Read 2 Cor 1:4};

3. Suffering affords us opportunities to witness-{Read 1 Peter 3:15}.

4. Suffering brings about Spiritual development– {Read Rom 5:3-4;1 Peter 5:10}

5. Suffering draws us closer to Him-{Phil 3:8,10}

6, Suffering is painful. Troubles are troublesome, and Tribulations are tough, but from God’s perspective, they are Profitable! -{John 15:5; Gen 50:20}

7. Suffering is never on our own- He is with us, He is in us that is why we never suffer alone. He goes through it with you when you suffer!  -{Rom 8:17}. What a wonderful truth this is!

Paul says in Romans 5:3 concerning “tribulations,” great pressures, sufferings …“we know,” the word means to be “fully aware,” God did not want His people to be ignorant but informed when they encountered, tribulations, suffering. 



  • Take the above verses and read and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you.
  • Take a verse to memorize and meditate, and apply.
  • Be able to share with others the truth of His Word rather than an opinion or cliche, Seek to place these verses somewhere you can see or share.
  • Cut and paste may be put in your Bible, so you have in hand and ale to share some aspects of God’s purposes in Suffering with someone who is hurting, in pain, and needing help in understanding some aspects of suffering.
  • Though this is not all He has to say on suffering they are some aspects that may help you and another to share with that may pertain to them. Be ready, and equipped to compassionately help.
Will you Prepare to help Others?
For you know as well as I do we run into people who are suffering and confused hurting and they need a word from His Word to help understand and give His perspective I hope these verses I have shared may help you to help them in their hour of need and pain…
Thank God for His Word!