Romans 5:3-4 says we can “Exult” meaning “confidently rejoice, boast” because of what we “know”-{fully aware} of the three things God is doing in our “tribulations.” Read the verses and see what God says they are. What are they? And “Know,” so you can understand when “tribulations, sufferings, great pressures” happen in your own life, and not panic and wonder what is God doing, and end up stressing out and trying to figure out and coming up with perhaps many things that are not true and end up being unstable and double minded in the situation, devoid of peace, or confidence that the LORD is working and in control and instead believing lies that He doesn’t care for you, He has abandoned you, He is punishing you, He doesn’t love you, He cant be trusted.

How can we “know” for certainty, to be fully assured God has not abandoned or against us? He has lovingly given us His Word to help us in such times to quieten our hearts and assure then He is “producing, bringing about” something of eternal value and temporal good, though to be sure they can be painful as the word “tribulations, sufferings” attest to! But in the verses they show they are not futile for the child of God which you are, but have personal, corporate and Divine purpose for the benefit of all!-{Read Romans 5:3-4; James 1:2-4; 2 Cor 1:3-4; 1 Peter 5:10}

…, BUT ALSO IN YOU KNOWING FROM His Word, so you can share and HELP OTHERS as the Holy Spirit testifies and assures from God’s Perspective, so they too can “know,” be “fully aware” and not have to guess or be led astray by someone’s opinion! How sad, arrogant and spiritually dangerous, that people would value their own opinion above the Word of Almighty God in dishing out advice to others. And in doing so dishonor God by misrepresenting Him and misleading others! The sadness that though “sincere” are not Scripturally sound and many a poor soul has been hurt by misleading “advice, opinions” such as Job’s friends dispensed, to Job who was suffering deeply, painfully.

But His Word is backed by Him and when embraced and rightly divided will not only help us but others and they too have REASON TO “EXULT” in joyfully confidence, Boasting,” Because they are NOT IGNORANT But INFORMED by God…from His Unchanging Word!

Some people want to “get a word from the Lord” when He already has spoken to us,”…in these last days HE has spoken to us by his Son,”- {Heb 1:2} and has REVEALED and given us His Authoritative Word… in His Word…to reveal, assure us of what He is doing, as in the case of Romans 5:3-4!

Your Suffering, tribulations matter to God, they are neither useless, insignificant but purposeful!

How do we know for certain? One reason is because of what God teaches us and wants us to know by INFORMING us so we are not Ignorant in Romans 5:3-4!

“we also exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope;and hope does not disappoint…”-{Rom 5:3-4}- 😀

LIST The Three Things God is Producing IN OUR “TRIBULATIONS, SUFFERINGS,” bringing about according to these Verses are…