In a Prison Paul and Silas having been treated unjustly and beaten…FOUND A WAY…. They SANG A Song OF PRAISE -{Read Acts 16:16-40}

In Prison Paul FOUND A WAY and Communicated through WRITING A LETTER of Gratitude to the believers and how he was SPECIFICALLY PRAYING for them -{Phil 1:3-6,9-11}

In Prison Paul FOUND A WAY… He EVANGELIZED the Lost and ENCOURAGED the believers -{Phil 1:12-14}

They FOUND A WAY because they were Looking For a Way…

Today, You And I can PRAY and in the circumstances we find ourselves in, some difficult, but like Paul we too can FIND A WAY to Reach out for the LORD Jesus into the lives of others…


THINK of it this way, your CIRCUMSTANCES are but Opportunities… Which of these today can you do?

Can You Sing His Praises ?

Can You PRAY ?

Can You WRITE- Communicate?



Paul. Silas, and many others in DIFFICULT circumstances in the Scriptures FOUND A WAY Despite the difficulties to reach out into the lives of others even as Paul was :SHUT IN- But Not SHUT OUT- FROM REACHING OUT” and so can you and I…. it’s all about where we set our affections and priorities …Look Up to Him and Look Out For Others… and we will FIND A WAY Too!

Which of the Above Will You Choose to FIND A WAY To Do Today ?