No, it is not correct to say that- absolutely not, indeed it is callous, offensive and lacking God’s heart for people…- yet how many of us live it out-We live as though they are of no significance, an inconvenience. God values these dear elderly people and we are to do likewise, prize them as precious souls to love and serve. There are some tragic cases of illness for some elderly people and the care giving some family have to give them is so commendable, loving as they seek to serve the elderly person as best as they possibly can. These thoughts are not written for such who genuinely seek to care for loved ones as best as they can, as long as they can.

I know of one such man who cared for his dear mom who recently died when she was in her early Nineties. He gave the best part of twenty years taking care of her until her last few months. My admiration for him is huge. I am told he “gave up his career” to take care of her. Is that possible for everyone? No… He was a single man… but he found a way- for he valued a life…of an elderly person. To him his value on his mom’s life took precedent over his “career.”

We often champion the athlete, wealthy, the educated, successful… this man unknown to many “championed” his mom’s cause. We are so, so misguided in many of the things we seek or deem as “Success.” Our values of possessions and praise-often takes precedence over what God values – PEOPLE!


“‘Stand up in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God. I am the LORD.”- {Lev 19:32}