The believers were “poor” either through the calamities of the land, plundered on account of their allegiance to the LORD, or as having given up so much as they originally did at first, or famine. Either way, they were not to be forgotten, or neglected and so the apostles call Paul and Barnabas upon communing them to “Remember the poor.” Why “remember?”They belong to Christ, they have needs, and how easy it is to “forget,” neglect, or overlook them. So as was Paul’s response May it be ours too!

“Remember the poor” with the intent to help and alleviate their suffering

“Their only suggestion was that we keep on helping the poor, which I have always been eager to do.”-(Gal 2:10)

The early church leaders had compassion, and commitment to the poor which was mirrored in the hearts of the converted Paul! I once heard the phrase- “Show me a man’s compassion and I will show you his usefulness!” Compassion means to adopt another’s situation as though your own and act upon it .”Keep on remembering the poor!”

The early leaders were Conscious of the needs- the conditions of others that there were”poor” believers who needed to be helped.They were looking out for others as Phil 2:3-5 teaches.

They were concerned for them.

They had compassion.

They called Paul to Co Labor with them in this matter

 May we both go do likewise. “Remember the poor” with the intent to compassionately help.