“Persevere” comes from two words, meaning, “direction…towards” and “be strong, steadfast, firm.” It is that dogged determination, that steadfast devotion, “means to continue to do something with intense effort with the possible implication of doing so despite difficulties… pictures one’s devotion to the task, keeping on it, persisting in it, being earnest towards it.”-{preceptaustin}

PERSISTENCE, that continues on a set course irrespective of difficulties,…and this not with reliance upon self but in Submission and dependence upon The Scriptures and Spirit to guide, govern, and empower us to do so. And this we will! We are to persevere…. in our praying for…”ALL the saints.” -“ALL” are candidates for our praying.

* Persevere In Praying – In Loving Obedience to the Lord
* Persevere In Praying – on Behalf of Others, in a direct appeal to GOD.
* Persevere in Power- in dependence upon the Spirit of God
* Persevere with Perspective- “Alert” to other believers! “ALL” is the scope whichever widens for your praying.

As a stream turns into a river, lake, to an ocean, ever increasing, so too your opportunities and influence for praying for other believers. “All” to be included…The Welfare of OTHERS Orientated!!

PRACTICE PERSEVERANCE IN PRAYING; There are times when I use the alphabet to stimulate me to pray…Using each letter and putting a name or names to it of different believers I pray for them. This helps me at times and I hope may be of some use to you.

Does someone come to mind? Pray for them… persevere… not for perseverance sake but for the Lord’s sake, for they too are in a spiritual battle according to Ephesians 6 and ultimately Keep praying in the direction, to see the LORD be glorified, “To Him be the Glory”- His Name, His Fame, be known and spread… {Eph 3:20-21}, MAKE A…DIRECT…APPEAL…TO GOD.

When you don’t “feel” like praying, overcome the temptation to quit by praying for…others!…
Persevere in your Praying in the direction towards THE WELFARE OF OTHERS. BE STRONG, STEADFAST FIRM IN YOUR PRAYING..for “all…the saints”

Keep on praying!

“Pray at all times with every kind of spiritual prayer, keeping alert and persistent as you pray for all Christ’s men and women.” (Phillips} -{Eph 6:18}