“Without Ceasing” was used of a “hacking cough” that spoke of regular interruptions. What happens when you get a cold or the flu? Among the symptoms often are a “hacking cough” which happens periodically, regular interruptions, this is one way the phrase “without ceasing” was used. Regular interruptions!

Trouble, anxious thoughts come to mind? Interrupt what you are doing and … Immediately offer up a prayer to God. Relate it to Him. Talk To God!

See something beautiful?- Immediately offer up a prayer of thanks to God. Talk To God!

Someone comes to mind? Immediately Turn the thought of them into a Prayer to God for them. Talk To God!

Don’t know what to do? Immediately offer up a prayer To God asking for help and wisdom. Relate it to Him. Talk To God!

“…But In Everything by Prayer. ” – {Phil 4:6}. Nothing is off limits for you to immediately talk to God about, knowing you have immediate access to Him, through our LORD Jesus. -{Read Romans 5:1-2; 1Peter 3;12}. And that “everything” means “everything!” If it concerns you and is on your mind, it concerns Him. Talk To God about it!

This is what “praying without ceasing” looks like. A habit of regular interrupting your thoughts throughout your day and those nights when sleep doesn’t come, with immediately praying to God. Talk To God!

Turn your Thoughts Into Prayers. Turn your Temptations into Prayer. Turn your Troubles into Prayers. Turn your Triumphs into Prayers. Live in an ALERTNESS, ATTITUDE AND …ACTION of a life of practicing “praying without ceasing!” Turning your thoughts into prayers! –{1 Thess :17}.Talk To God!

It does not mean praying 24 hours a day, withdrawing from daily life going into a desert or looking for a cave to move into, away from the world, but in the world, in your daily living, living ready, ALERT with an attitude to turn all things, the good, the bad, the ugly, the happy, the difficult, the perplexing, the mundane, all aspects of life into opportunities to tell God about and talk to Him!

Ask Him to remind you to be ALERT and turn your thoughts into Prayers throughout this day! And to live ALERT with an ATTITUDE of prayer ready to turn what you see, feel, think into an ATTITUDE and ACT of immediately offering up Prayers to Him! Be Alert, Be watchful, Be acting- Keep praying. Good Job!

Keep Praying without ceasing knowing that “your labor in the LORD is not in vain!”-{1 Cor 15:58}. He will continually strengthen, teach you to practice this new habit of turning your thoughts, circumstances, situations…into IMMEDIATELY Praying about it!

“PRAY WITHOUT CEASING…” – Regular interruptions Throughout Your Day, To Talk To God. And the beauty of His graciousness is He welcomes you to come any time day or night. He doesn’t keep business hours such as 9 am to 5 pm and if something happens after that, “Oh well…!” What a reason to thank Him that anytime, all the time, is a good time for Him, He is not inconvenienced by it or you, but welcomes you, wholeheartedly, lovingly, compassionately. -{Read Hebrews 4:15-16}

Pause this moment and Ask Him to do this for you. Even pausing to ask is practicing “praying without ceasing!” Good job. Here is a wonderful promise in Philippians 2:13,” For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him.”{Phil 2:13 NLT}. And it does “Please Him” that you and I should learn to develop and have a consistent “hacking cough,” of REGULAR INTERRUPTIONS of “praying without ceasing!”

Prayer is not a “religious activity” that has to be done to cross of your “to do list” for the day and then you go on about your business, but it is a relationship With God. Prayer is an attitude and act of DEPENDENCE upon God!- {Phil 4:6}. It is An attitude and act of DEVOTION of service, worship to God. As Anna illustrates in Luke 2:37. Prayer is A declaration of Dependence and Devotion!


Anything or anyone come to mind? Talk To God! –