Mothers Day! Miracle Workers Not Required- though secretly Expected:)

Card manufactures, stores, florists doing a thriving business on the back of mothers but what’s new! It’s a wonderful reminder for us all to STOP and CONSIDER them! And to show we APPRECIATE them.Their labor of love, their continual preferring others through embracing the mundane of washing cleaning, making meals, taxi service, and a host of other things- if you would STOP and THINK, you could come up with your own list of CHOICES she makes to put aside herself to prefer her kids. Prayers, sacrificial giving and living sum her up. Is she perfect ? Oh no- you only have to look in the mirror to figure that out:) but she is your mom and has deeds of unspoken words of love that litter your memory and hopefully this coming year we can all STOP and acknowledge her love, encourage her, help her and love her for she needs all of these and too often we forget she too is a human being and needs to be reminded she is appreciated and we do not have to wait for an advertisement company to remind us to STOP and celebrate her!

So to all the moms and I include those who have biological children and to those of you who may not have children but who are spiritual moms investing your life into others, I thank God for you and a great verse to encourage you is found in Hebrews 6:10 ” God is not unjust so as to FORGET How  you have ministered in love …and continue to love…” THANK YOU. And even if at times we are so self absorbed to STOP except when the world reminds us to- KNOW GOD, sees your love and will reward you for those of you,” In Christ.” Your labor in The Lord and because of The Lord is not in vain. Thank you and may today you know though no one else say it or forget or you be separated by miles from loved ones you are not separated  from Him who while hanging on a cross had time to STOP and Consider His mother and take care of her by asking another to take care of her. Perhaps you can do likewise for some mom, a widow perhaps who could benefit through some human contact this day through a visit, a phone call or some social media . As God’s people we need to continually STOP and take time and communicate to those women who are amazing( no, not perfect. ) and encourage them daily with deeds and words of affirmation and appreciation 

Without thinking about Mother’s Day, I was sitting and thinking of my own mom today and without much thought said out loud to my youngest son, Isaiah,” I miss my mom.” No matter how old we are our mom always hold that special place in our heart. My mom now is with Jesus along with myriads of other moms and in His presence are forever taken care of and as Ephesians 2 teaches, He is lavishing His kindness upon them for all eternity. How wonderful and comforting is He, that He STOPPED and took time to express love to moms everywhere by taking their sin upon Himself and dying in their place that they should not die in their sin but have eternal life through Him.

Ephesians 6, teaches we are to “HONOR” our moms which has to do with our ATTITUDE’S and “OBEY,” which has to do with our ACTION’S that, all the days of our life with only one exception- unless it is sin. In my moms latter years without planning The Lord circumstanced that I would fulfill a promise I made to my mom years ago, that if my health permitted I would take care of her and  she would never be alone … And in His providence for the last two and a half years of her life He was working that out without my knowing  her days were being numbered and closer to her eternal parting. I will see her again because of the Lord Jesus- perhaps your mom is a follower of Christ and you are not … Today is the day to repent towards God and turn from your wicked ways and surrender your life to The Lord Jesus Christ and in doing so give her the best Mother’s Day gift of all – a child who is in right standing with God through Jesus Christ!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms and for the  rest of us let us ask Him to help us STOP and show them appreciation and help them and not have to have some card company or florist tell us now is the time to STOP to set aside time or gifts or words of love and deeds of kindness and shower her with



CAN I ASK YOU TO CONSIDER- if your mom is still with you to sit down and prayerfully ask the LORD to bring to your memory certain DEEDS of kindness she has shown you and write and SPECIFICALLY THANK HER FOR THOSE THINGS… and I may be wrong {wouldn’t be the first time} I am sure for her to have your words in your writing which she can look at again and again would mean so much to her. When I was going through my mom’s things after she passed I found letters I had written to her in the eighties which she had saved, I can only think she treasured them, and perhaps your mom would do likewise.

PERHAPS YOUR MOM HAS PASSED ON- and if you are married you could write your wife such a note…. perhaps you know of a lady who does not have children but has invested into others as a spiritual mom- write and express gratitude to her.

Never underestimate the power of words written down and the comfort and encouragement they can bring to her whom you affectionately call – MOM!