June 12 2023

 “I’ll Hold Your Hand.”

This evening my five-year-old grandson, “The Little Man,” came into my bedroom, attempted a somersault, and came up by my bedside and asked why was I in bed? And if I was going to stay in bed? I explained I was in bed because I was in pain and that I had spent all day yesterday in bed because of pain. But because I knew he was coming this morning I was so excited, I went downstairs to the new chair,{which some people had thoughtfully, sacrificially, lovingly purchased for me – as I have such a difficult time trying to stand as my muscles are deteriorating.} And I was waiting for him when he arrived this morning and I wanted him to see the chair which we decided was an airplane, and boy did he enjoy sitting in it with me, and him using all the buttons for “take off” and “landing” and “flying” this airplane. At one stage he lay across the top of the chair reminding me of a cat sprawled out and comfortable

He asked If would come downstairs with him to the chair. So, I said get my socks and I’ll go with you. With that, he went looking for socks and found my shoes putting them on his feet, the wrong way, doing a bit of a dance, kicked them off, and headed to the bedroom door with me limping behind him.

When we got outside the bedroom door and right at the first step, he stopped, turned towards me put out his hand, and said, “I’LL HOLD YOUR HAND.” He didn’t want me to fall.

And with that he like the adult and me like a child put my hand in his hand and he slowly walked down step by step and at times talking to me to tell me what was coming next. And he led me all the way safely to the bottom of the stairs and to the chair for take off :}

Everyone needs someone to Hold out the Hand of Love!

  • Moses had one man on each side of him holding up each hand.
  • David had Jonathan.
  • Paul had Barnabas.
  • You Have the LORD Jesus and the people of God!
  • And you can be the answer to someone’s need!

The Scriptures say we are to “Accept one another….encourage one another… bear one another’s burdens… Love one another… Be continually Kind to one another… Be forgiving of one another…Comfort one another… Care for one another… ” To as it was, say and show, “I’LL HOLD YOUR HAND.”

This evening after he left, I walked up the stairs, pausing at times, leaning against a wall, holding the handrail, and slowly pushing off the wall to get some momentum to take the next step, eventually making it to the top of the stairs, with great effort, but great joy with the thought of this little one’s kindness, thoughtfulness, initiative, to reach out with to me was the love of Christ through a child to Hold my hand and lead me, as He has so often done through this life. How sweet to know His hand of love towards us from a heart filled with perfect love.

It seems such a little thing and indeed it is more than “cute” when navigating stairs is not as easy as it once was… it was and is a lesson from a child showing forth thoughtfulness, taking the initiative showing love with his word and actions, “I’LL HOLD YOUR HAND.”

The LORD encouraged me greatly through the love of a child.

  • Today look around, and you won’t have to look to far and you will find someone who needs you to say and show love, “I’ll Hold Your Hand”.
  • Take the INITIATIVE. Who is in need? Truthfully… we all are! Don’t wait for someone to take your hand but seek to take another’s hands through your words and good works of love!

Thankful to those of you who have held forth the Hand of Love through your encouragement, prayers, and gifts…thank you, Hebrews 6:10 says it best!

We need to be those who say and show forth, “I’LL HOLD YOUR HAND.”

Take the initiative and show forth the tender yet beautiful love of Christ, and it can be as simple as a child who saw my need, says “I’ll Hold your hand” and not only said it but did so! Words leading to actions… how beautiful the simplicity of the love of Christ.

Tonight a little child Taught me a lesson…Sometimes we are waiting for what we think is “THE BIG THING” to do for the LORD, and miss the “LITTLE ” Opportunities, that are presented to us daily, and know this “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you did for Me.”-{Matt 25:40}. The way we treat others is in exact proportion to the way we treat the LORD. As one dear friend said, we need more people to Hold out Their hands…

The extension of his hand was the revealing of his heart… Love and care for someone in need! That’s what “I’LL HOLD YOUR HAND” means! Awareness, taking the initiative…

Let that be me and you…To extend our hand from a heart full of love.

Keep showing love, keep taking the initiative, and keep loving others for Jesus’ sake…

That little five-year-old to me was my “BARNABAS.”- ENCOURAGER! 

God bless,