“Has forgiven you.” -{Ephesians 4:32}

Did You Know? “Has forgiven you.” is the motivation for you to choose to forgive others? {Eph 4:32}. His forgiveness as is written here with the aorist tense of the word means He has forgiven, it is FINISHED, FULL, FINAL! It is also present tense which means this Is to be the constant response towards those who offend you. How glorious is that, and what great personal cost to Him! And you Have the Power to forgive likewise!

THANK GOD He is working “IN YOU” to give the Desire and the Doing for His good pleasure in the matter-{Phil 2:13}. You are new “in Christ” and have a new power, a new perspective so throw off the old way of responding by CHOOSING of nursing hurts, holding grudges choosing to be bitter, resentful, angry, slanderous, unforgiving, { the context of Eph 4:31-32} and by faith choose to extend the Gift of forgiveness because of the forgiveness extending to you…when you did not deserve it! I love the emphasis on the last 4 letters of “forGIVE” Give it, it is a gift, empowered by God for you to do so!

” Just as God in Christ has forgiven you.”-{Eph 4:32}