Though this is not true of all, there are some who may say,

“We” don’t like the person we are married to. “We” don’t like our parents. “We” don’t like our children. “We” don’t like our grandparents.”We don’t like our roommate. “We” have found out a lot during this time of being shut in about… ourselves!

“We” have found out that we are not good at relationships.

“We” have found out we are not good at loving people. The one we promised to love until death. The children we loved when they were born, the parents who sacrificed so much for us. The grandparents who spoil us. Yep, “we” have a problem, and “we,” think that if “we” can get back to school, back to being with our friends, back to work, to just get out of where “we” are and who “we “are with, It will make it all better!

It might give relief but “we” can’t get away from the fact for some, it has exposed …” we” are not good at loving people! Indeed, “we” are good at complaining! “We” are good at being irritable! ”We” are good at being upset! “We” are good at prayerlessness! “We” have all this time and “ we” are not good at using it for Kingdom business!

“WE” have had a mirror held up to us in these times, and circumstances, and “we” have a problem, and in some cases, it is, “we” are the problem!

“We” need Jesus to change us! Oh yes, “we” might agree wholeheartedly, “people need the Lord, true…” but what about “we” who profess or do know Him!

Remember, one of His characteristics in us is …loving others, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another.”-( John 13:34-35)

How are “We” to love others?

“We” make the CHOICE to, out of reverence for Him ultimately -( Read 2 Cor 4:5)

“We” DENY ourselves in order to PREFER them-( Read Phil 2:3-4)

“We” look out for not only our own needs But also the needs of others. That can be as simple as writing a text, making a phone call to someone who is alone who apart from TV does not hear another human voice, reaching out to their shows…love to them! Helping around your house, seeking to serve and not waiting to be…served!

Sometimes love begins when “we” look beyond the end of our nose, outside of ourselves to see how others are doing emotionally, mentally, physically spiritually, and materially, and show genuine concern for others!

When this is all over what will it reveal about us? What will It reveal about me? What will it reveal about you?

Will it reveal “we” loved those around us? What will they say about how “we” lived and what it was like to live with us? Will they say “we” loved them?

“We” still have Time… begin now … apologize if you have to and choose Christ’s way and love those around you! After all isn’t that what “We” are to be known for…Loving others!